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Mazz 72

This is a first look at the new NBN ID for me. (Now in MKII)

The theory is to have running plenty of assets that the runner can't afford not to trash, allowing us to keep them tagged. Franchise City to sell off to rez Ibrahim Salem and Corporate Town, or to bait them into trashing things and running traces. Aryabhata Tech to punish them with those traces, and if they try and shut them down, run more traces. Keeping the runner poor and tagged allows you to build a scoring server and score out, and with resources being removed even if they aren't tagged, and Salem removing key things from hand you can keep the runner in their place with ease.

Swapped out 2 media blitz for 2 Mumbad Virtual tours on advice from the previous version.

19 Jul 2016 Krams

I really like Improved Tracers, but, well... only 4 of your 14 ICE are tracers, so it's rather pointless in your deck. Note that it can only boost traces, if they are fired as a subroutine. It neither works on your ID ability nor on TMI on rez effect nor on Restructured Datapool.

That being said, TMI is not a great ICE if you can't boost it's trace... It's great if you are already running Rutherford Grid out of NBN: Making News for other reasons and just add it on top, but unsupported it's unlikely to get off successful traces and therefore will neither protect your servers nor synergize with Aryabhata Tech.

19 Jul 2016 lunchmoney

@Krams a mega amount of tracing ICE is not needed with the ID ability = traces every turn.

19 Jul 2016 Krams

Tracing ICE is needed to make Improved Tracers a viable agenda. Otherwise, why not choose any other agenda?

19 Jul 2016 Mazz

@Kramsgood point, I think switching them up for Quantum Predictive Model is the way forward, then I can use that to EOI and grab a Restructured Datapool back.

19 Jul 2016 lunchmoney

@Kramsgood point, well made :)

23 Jul 2016 Ralphus1701

I feel like this ID could benefit from Dedicated Response Team. But that's just me.