Sunny Day

SparkeyG 8

First Attempt. Looking for suggestions

19 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I'd consider dropping both Drug Dealers and a Medium for a Patron and a Hostage. Patron + Jak Sinclair is amazing and a much better draw engine, and double Medium is nice but not as necessary as draw. The Hostage can be used to fetch something other than Patron if necessary.

19 Jul 2016 DarkHorse

as above Id go with Patron. I'd drop Earthrise Hotel, Symmetrical Visage, Drug Dealer's too. 2x R&D Interface's in place of Datasuckers, Mediums and Multithreaders (thb, Multithreaderwas a hard cut for me.) I added a third Rabbit Hole for deck thinning and 2x Disrupters because I am, reliably informed so, an asshat. Then I cut it down to 50 but I run as slim as i can whilst many of my meta spill over a bit. All told Im just happy to see another Sunny Player.