"May I please have another?" Replicator Haley.

pang4 831

Stealth! Mirror! Replicator! Let's do it!

ReplicHaley is a fantastic little janky combo everyone should try out. Basically, you drop one hardware, fetch a copy, install the copy with Haley, and go get a third.

Sports Hopper is our scorch-protection. Since we can get 2/3 out in rapid sucvession, we should be cool.

Modded is awesome in this list. 1-cost Interfaces and free Hoppers are sweet, and a cheap Opus isn't bad either.

Probably more jank than competitive, but as jank it's up there.

Tips and ideas are always appreciated.

20 Jul 2016 BizTheDad

My first thought is you don't have nearly enough econ. I know you have Magnum but I think you'll need some click-less econ in addition given all the hardware you'll be installing. You could go with a more traditional Hayley econ engine: 3 Tech Writers, Daily Casts, Proco and a Levy. You could drop the 3 Akamatsu's, the 2 Magnums, the Test Runs and drop to 1 Plascrete in place of the Sports Hoppers. That's my $.02.

21 Jul 2016 pang4

@BizTheDad: nice suggestions, though I have a categorical hatred for Professional Contacts I should get over.

Tech Writers and Casts are definitely coming in, though. I like the Hoppers over Plascrete since they synergise better with Replicator, though I see the appeal of Plascrete.