2014 Portland: Rainy Day Games, Store Championship 1ST PLACE

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BazooKaJoe 706

Annoying little Reina deck! A Variation of a Whizzard deck I used to run with back in the day, brought back to life after the release of DOUBLE TIME. Went 5-0 at a 24 person tourney. (Weyland, NBN: TWiY, Jinteki: RP, NBN:TWiY, NBN: MN)

Might not be the easiest deck to pilot...but you're running...A LOT. & Drawing cards...A LOT. That is probably one of the biggest weaknesses (and also Anarch in general) is the in-faction card draw problems. Wyldside isn't an option since you want all your clicks.

So make lots of smart runs, putting pressure on as you can. Siphon early if you can & shake tags just to get your econ started & control the econ race. Ideal situation is getting Joshua B, Data Leak, & Fall Guy out while you're tagged & they're poor. 5 Clicks to Star Milling, Fall Guy to protect the DLR & abuse the Siphon. You'll feel like a terrible person btw... :)

Main weaknesses: Weyland decks, Any Scorchy Combo Deck, Card Draw.

1 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

I like it, siphon recursion and joshua B protection. Once DLR is online you're laughing. I like it.

2 Apr 2014 Happyam

Spinal Modem sounds dangerous. Espeically in an environment with a lot of traces. Mid-season, Punitive, NBN and Weyland ICE

2 Apr 2014 BazooKaJoe

Definitely. Especially with all the NBN running rampant. I would usually drop a spinal modem after a good chunk of ICE has been rezzed or the corp is poor. Spinal Modem can help you run poor as well...and it'll make you chuckle a bit that you're putting out a fairly uncommon Spinal Modem. :)

3 Apr 2014 ellonellanfair

Spinal Modem doesn't give you BD due to MSR or PCS. Just be sure to drop it after mimic and sucker, and you're good.

3 Apr 2014 norwegiangeek

How are you guys "dropping" the Spinal Modem? I don't see anyway to get rid of it in this deck...

3 Apr 2014 norwegiangeek

Ah...I wish I could delete that comment. You mean install it, I read that as get rid of.

3 Apr 2014 wedgeex

If you're running a lot and wanting to draw cards a lot then why not slot in some John Masanori? It turns on DLR when you want it to as an added bonus. I'd cut a Joshua B for at least one.

7 Apr 2014 evilgaz

Looks a tasty deck. I'm often accused of running anything, so a deck that encourage this is probably right down my alley. I'd be tempted to use Grimiore instead of Spinal Modem, but a kickstart on the viruses and extra memory. Might try the new Lucky Find rather than Armitage as clicking for credits is a lengthy process with that, and as Resource, being tagged makes it a target (unless that intentional to protect DLR?).

I like wedgeex's idea of a John M, but not sure that you'd see it often enough as a one-of.

Account Siphon out of faction is very much a thing these days, and its very powerful.

7 Apr 2014 evilgaz

Oops, just seen that Lucky Find costs influence - scratch that! :)

14 Apr 2014 BazooKaJoe

I've tried John Masanori in lots of different decks & he never really meshed with me. Have him too early & he can slow you down when you don't want tags. If you're able to get into servers efficiently & you have him out...you're most likely already in a good position with what you need & he becomes a "win more" card.

The card draw issue is mainly in the beginning when you want to make sure you can get into HQ & start wrecking things. :)

Armitage is there to help bounce back from a Closed Accounts.

Grimoire could work in this too...I like Spinal Modem because you'll be running poor sometimes & it helps you get in.