Reina Their Parade

StrafeMcgee 14

Hernando Cortez + Xanadu + Reina creates a minimum of a +3 credit tax for the corp to rez their ice. Use this, along with run amok and your usual ice destruction strategies, to keep the corp devastatingly poor.

Are they building up and you're scared of their ice? Slap down System Outage and watch them slow to a crawl as they either stop drawing cards or lose credits for doing so.

Not a tourney deck (too many weaknesses), but it's fun. Give it a blast!

25 Jul 2016 tonybluehose

Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter decks are always a blast to play, I just wish there was a better response for FA decks that don't have a lot of ice.

She's one of my favorite runners (thematically, I love her "story") and while I think she may always be Tier 2 (or at the highest 1.5), she's so much fun to play.

26 Jul 2016 hutch9514

With FA taking a big hit and the corp starting to slow down then Reina might become more competitive. Check out my profile I made one recent that i'm taking to nationals. Think Reina is actually pretty good. Credit denial is back boys

27 Jul 2016 siahofmars

i was debating on the hernando cortez thing or not. so i went in a different direction with my deck, i run account siphon sorta style instead to keep them hopefully below ten, so the hernando wouldnt even come into play. but i like this style as well! looks good! I love reina!