Insanity Rise's Netbrew

ctxjckl 58

This is the corp deck that carried me to 6th place at regionals earlier this year. Deck was built by a local player @insanityrises. It did excellent against Wizzard, Leela, and Haley but eventually died to this Val deck ( I'm pretty late posting this but it was a fun deck to play. May revisit it for some upcoming tournaments. Comment with any questions.

28 Jul 2016 rumirumirumirumi

I got to comment on stream for this deck. It was a very good, if very, short game. I guess my biggest question now is how does the ice suite hold up since the changes in MWL 2 and against Shapers in general.

28 Jul 2016 ctxjckl

@rumirumirumirumiI think the shaper match-up will prove tough. Even that Haley match was lucky for me that he didn't have a Deus X in his deck. He and I discussed that after the game. I haven't played this build since regionals but I want to believe that the ice is viable just because it feels very toolboxy when playing it. I'd have to give it a spin though.

29 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

Does the economy hold up? You need quite a lot of money here and I'm only see a couple Hedge Funds and a Melange.

29 Jul 2016 ctxjckl

That is a good question. The games I played the money did have moments of feeling tight, but it was always there. GRNDL Refinery paid off almost every time due to the shell games for a substantial credit swing. The pop-ups really supplement the snare action and sometimes I even will protect the melange to get it to fire for more than one turn. The deck also supports clicking for credits since you are waiting for them to walk into a mistake.