Concede To Me (Montreal Regionals Winner 16/07/16)

lopert 1545

NBN was MWL'd for a reason... maybe it's best if it stayed that way...

NBN Recall

This is the 59 card NBN:CTM list that went undefeated in the 44 player Montreal regional. I originally got the list from @thebigunit3000, and tweaked it to suit the Montreal Meta. Since this was the last time people would get to get to play Fastro without the new FAQ / MWL, I figured the Fastro hate would be strong, and decided to go a different route.

The main plan revolves around spamming assets, bringing them back with museum, and landing enough tags to psycho out the win.

Clone Suffrage: With so many 1x operations in your deck that you'd love to play multiple times, CS provides a way to make sure you play them everyturn, without spending a CV / Museum trigger. Your main way of generating money is just playing diversified portfolio every turn.

Liz Mills: Beats blackmail and blows up Salsette slums, excellent!

EBC: Beats DDOS and lets you tutor Mills if things get too slummy.

Franchise / Newsteam / EOI: This combo of 3 cards as well as our agenda setup means that it if the runner is unfortunate, they will have to steal at least 4 (half!) of the agendas in your 59 card deck to eek out a win. The -1 from News Team counters the +1 from Franchise City that you give them when you EOI for a 3 pointer.

Sensie: Everyone knows Sensie is bonkers, but when it has a trace4 attached, it can really shine.


>>> Round 1

Used SC Champ BYE. 2-0.

>>> Round 2 vs Hany (Jesminder)

Having driven down from Ottawa with Hany and knowning that Vamp Mopus was the plan, I call Mopus turn 1 with TM, and he reluctantly gives me the 10 credits in order to get setup.

He plays his first matchup hate card, New Angeles City Hall, to save clicks versus the impending Hard Hitting News. Tech Startup into Elizabeth Mills to trash New Angeles City Hall removes it quickly to retain the threat.

Later in the match, he plays his second matchup hate card, Salsette Slums, and begins to RFG my assets and dodge the CTM ability. Thankfully, a sleeper agent Tech Startup brings back my previously museum'd Elizabeth Mills to remove that threat. He eventually goes tag-me which lets me psycho the agendas out for the win. 4-0.

>>> Round 3 vs Dominic (Andromeda)

Offered ID but Dom chose to play.

He installs desperado and security testing and trashes everything I am installing. When the asset spam gets too heavy, he plays bankjob (3x!!!) and keeps going. While this is happening, I draw no ice and he gets a quick 6 points off of RnD. I was lucky enough to have Franchise installed for the second steal and would eventually exchange it to him. An earlier News Team -1 means he's at 3 points to my 6 with a few minutes remaining, and concedes. 6-0

>>> Round 4 vs Joseph

ID. 7-1

>>> Round 5 vs Darrell

ID. 8-2

1st After Swiss with 8-2.

Elimination Rounds

>>> Game 1 vs Nick

Chose to run so I could CTM in later matches.

>>> Game 2 vs Jerome

I know he's on DDOS false echo Val, and he gets a slow start. WIth the first TS, I grab Liz Mills to remove the BP. After playing most of my ice, I TS the EBC into a 3 deep remote, and start rezzing ice on RnD to get the lockout. Scoring a datapool, I use it twice in 1 turn to give him 2 tags, followed by HHN. The remaining 6 tags let me psycho out agendas safely.

>>> Game 3 vs Nadim (Upper Bracket Finals)

Seeing the replicator / bazaar come out early, I know he's on spycams. My opening hand did not have tech startup or MCH, so I draw for either of those or my Targeted Marketing. Unfortunately, he's able to install the 6 spycams before I draw TM on the next turn. Doing this gets him many counters on Technical Writer, and at some point, he takes 10 off of TW on click 4. I A-A-Use a resting reversed accounts to set him back again. At some point, he finally gets two Tech Traders out, but I quickly Snatch and Grab them both while he is low on credits. Eventually I start advancing cards behind a tollbooth and he goes tag-me to stop my asset advantage. I psycho out to 6 points and while I'm digging for the last agenda, he concedes.

>>> Game 4 vs Nadim

I end up having to run against Nadim's own CTM deck. While The Metropole Grid will have the interviews and commentary later, you can watch the stream archive here:

29 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

I know you just want big agenda's because of the density, but would something else other than Puppet Master help? You've already got the shards, what about Executive Retreat or Priority Req for the Tollbooth rezzing? Puppet Master isn't a great card normally and here it's just not doing anything.

29 Jul 2016 Johnny Polite

@The Broken Meeple Puppet Master is doing slightly more than nothing. It adds counters to reversed accounts. Once the runner is tagged, reversed accounts and closed accounts keep them too poor to do anything.

29 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

I guess, but a Runner should be able to figure out that your only card you're advancing in NBN is either an agenda or Reversed Accounts, so you'd think it would get trashed. But I can see it has some use.

29 Jul 2016 hotelfoxtrot

What would you cut to free up the 2 influence necessary to make it MWL 2 compliant? Cut the temples? Seems like you're already pretty rich.

29 Jul 2016 underflow

What do you do against clot-lock if they just mopus for 8 every turn with a clone chip or two? It doesn't look like you'd be able to find the ice fast enough to build a scoring remote, and 4tman/5tman makes a scoring remote pretty easy to break into.

30 Jul 2016 Pushover

@underflow You just Reversed Accounts them back into the stone age. Either they trash it, fight a trace, etc, or accept that you will drain ~20 credits every 2 turns. Opus does not keep up with that.

30 Jul 2016 EnderA

How does this fare against Nexus Kate/Sunny? Is it just a good idea to not bring it if you expect high-link in the meta?

1 Aug 2016 CommissarFeesh

Oh god, just when I thought I could retire Apex for a while... Seems like Apocalypse would be ace against this.

3 Aug 2016 deth89

Haha is that lopert from TF2?

16 Aug 2016 lopert

@deth89 Yes sir! The one and only! I'm mostly on Overwatch these days though :)