False Charity - Toronto Regionals 2016 - 3rd Place

GwiLo 22

So, I don't have any memes or any tournament reports to give anyone, nor do I particularly care about explaining why I chose to put particular cards in the deck. At the end of the day, this deck somehow got me into third place in Toronto.

That said, this is not a particularly good deck if you want to win. If you want to win, I suggest you head over to the unfun side of the card pool and wallow in it until you quit Netrunner in a bout of depression induced by a mountain of wasted cardboard. Where this deck shines is its ability to ensure that almost every game is close, and that the person who wins it always feels like they deserve it, with the loser walking away with a similar feeling. Or, at least, that's my experience with it.

Try it yourself. Take it to a Store Championship or a GNK or something. Have fun. Enjoy Netrunner. If you're looking to make it legal for the new MWL, you can cut a Localized Product Line for some random money card. Or maybe a current or two.

You can also cut Hard-Hitting News, as it's the worst card in the deck. Lily Lockwell might be good. A third Jackson might actually be decent. I have no idea. I'm never playing this thing again.

18 Aug 2016 GordonsBeard

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