6-Diesel Hayley 3-1 Bratislava Regionals

Bandura 300

I took this Hayley to the Bratislava Regionals last week. I went 3-1 with both runner and corp (CI), however missed the cut on the second tiebreaker and ended up 5th:


I beat IG, RP Sandburg, and HHN SYNC, losing once to another RP Sandburg

The idea of the deck is to ditch ProCo for Earthrise Hotels to speed up. After drawing with Hotel twice, it can be sacrificed to Aesop, producing 4 cards for a net 1 credit, very similar to Diesel, hence the name of the deck.

This deck used to have zero PolOp and 3 Cache, and was very good in the pre- 23 seconds meta. The arrival of Sandburg, CtM, and HHN made me ditch the Caches for Political Operatives. It was a very right call, but even 3x PolOp turned out to be insufficient in one game against RP.

That game, I managed to get to 6 points but then likely made a mistake using my second PolOp on a commercial Bankers Group. Should let them have all the money in the world, but reserve PolOp for Sandburg only.

Going forward I will probably add 1-2 NACH to protect against Breaking News, likely at the expense of FTE, SoT, or Film Critic

6 Aug 2016 EnderA

Just be sure to remember that New Angeles City Hall doesn't help vs NBN: Controlling the Message ability.