Cerebral Bowl

siniotto 1

"Break a brick with your forehead, piece of cake". A Null build I am working on.

5 Aug 2016 x3r0h0ur

nice the null/prey combo does work. I'm afraid djinn might not be the card you're looking for. Also the test run might just be a levy, since you'll be junking a lot of your own cards. I'd consdier more free cards..I don't think RR550BMI is worth playing in any deck, ever.

5 Aug 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Here's the list of all zero-cost, installable runner cards: netrunnerdb.com

Not sure any of these are good ideas over what he's currently running, and 3x Prey plus being an Anarch keeps his influence locked down pretty heavily.

5 Aug 2016 siniotto

Oh! Comments!

I posted this mainly as a conversation piece to share with a friend but I do appreciate the suggestions nonetheless. Thank you!

@x3r0h0ur - I have certainly considered LARLA instead of Test Run as the deck is likely to mill itself. And a good point considering the 550 - it may be pointless, although it does allow early face-checking against Jinteki and what have you. Still, some Caissa pieces might be better for feeding Prey.