CTM Total-Tag-Punishment MWL2.0

SruSeNaid 14

Its name is programm

MVP Mumba City Hall into Consulting Visit, get what you want.

If they run Hard-Hitting News attacks. If they don't run Commercial Bankers Group makes you rishish.

If they get tagged, punish the way you want it. (kill/bankrupt/PsycoBeale)

Thx to Bigboy for the inspiration (BigBoy CtM TempoTag)

6 Aug 2016 chill84

We posted this deck already: netrunnerdb.com

7 Aug 2016 SruSeNaid

Yeah, similar idea, but big varieties in Asset and ICE-suit.

7 Aug 2016 SyIus

Honestly, calling this a copy of your list is a bad move. It's like calling two NEH asset spam decks the same because they share a few of the same assets.

23 Aug 2016 Smattc

Chill your deck is heaps different.....