Ghostbusters Hayley. 1st place undefeated at ChCh Regionals

triorph 614

This is a variation of the deck started by Terence/mo0man, and later popularised by Kiv.

This is my version of this deck. I'm giving it a name. That name is Ghostbusters.

I took this deck to the Christchurch Regionals and came 1st place, going undefeated across the day. I faced against EtF glacier, Chronos Protocol, Haarpsichord (kill), and EtF glacier in the swiss, and then against Argus Rush/Kill in the cut.

My corp deck was CI7 - the one I used as an example for the Cookbook to CI7 series. I thought after writing the articles I should put my money where my mouth is and it worked out well for me.

Since the MWL1.1 came out, a lot of people have talked about cutting clot. Do NOT do this. Your typical rush-deck will score somewhere to 4-6 points while you are setting up, and you absolutely need clot to prevent them from being able to FA a hostle takeover, breaking news or accelerated beta test for the win. Some people have talked about Vamp in this slot, however by the time you are setup, you can typically get into every server regardless of Vamp, and Vamp only stalls a corp from FA an agenda, while clot completely halts it. Just make sure you don't leave any remotes unchecked (either for the agenda or for the CVS).

The other spare influence is the Political Operative, which could easily have been a networking. I was umming and ahhing over whether to swap this out, saving myself a bit of trouble in the tag-storm matchup. I decided on Political Operative because it is just a better card (even if not necessarily the best meta-choice) and decided I would just auto-lose any fast-setup tag-me deck (such as sync, CtM). I was lucky enough to not face any of these on the tournament day.

The main change I have made to this deck is the hyperdrivers. This deck shines when it is setup, but getting to that point is often a problem. Hyperdrivers act as 4th and 5th diesels, helping you draw through more cards early in the game. If you draw a SMC early you should definitely pop the hyperdrivers out for extra draw/faster setup. The only other change is Aesop's Pawnshop, which I've heard a few others do. This just lets you install the bazaars/replicators if you have a free hayley install and get some money, as well as sell your spy cameras early game if you have the pawnshop but not the tech traders. Deus X is a common swap for the 3rd sharpshooter, and did a LOT of work for me that day. I must've used it about 5 times against chronos protocol to save my Levy from being sniped, and about 4 times against the Argus Rush to allow me to check remotes with snares in them.

Otherwise the core of this deck is mostly the same. Tech writers + tech traders give you huge amounts of credits when you can install 6 spy cameras in a single click for 0 credits using replicator and bazaar. If you have 3 tech traders out, then each can be trashed for 3 credits, and you can often leave 2 tech writers out and then levy, usually getting 1 spy camera in hand to start the combo. 3 Clone chips + panchatantra and sharpshooter lets you break any ice and usually gain money off of it, and levy lets you keep that going for far longer than you've needed. Freedom through Equality + spy cameras lets you get some easy points from R&D without having to spend the actual clicks/credits to get in unless you have to.