False News

Pinkwarrior 2208

Weylands back & boy is it good. After some competitive play I've got this deck to how i like it the aim is simple rush the agendas out if the runner tries to keep up kill them.

Stock Buy-Back what am amazing econ card this is especially with so many agendas in the deck & News Team to add to that. Honestly its still good with only 2 agendas in the runners score area. I can quite oftern get 12+ credits from 1 of these.

Hard-Hitting News the card that makes weyland good again. You can hit them with this when the runners low on creds to get the tags for the kill, use it to slow the runner or score out an agenda. But mainly you'll want to combo it with False Lead to ensure the runner can't remove more than 2 tags in their turn to get the kill

Consulting Visit helps ensure the kill Scorched Earth & Traffic Accident to get the kill package set up as quick as possible. Changeling love this card here forcing the runner to get both a barrier and sentry breaker out on it's own. Hadrian's Wall some proper Ice that can really tax the runner / solidify an agenda score.

11 Aug 2016 Pustekuchen

Could you lay out your gameplan a bit more for me, please? Regarding ice positioning, what to mulligan for, what to be aware of on the runner's side and so on? Do you see changes with the upcoming pack blood money and the meta? Maybe squeezing in a Swordsman against Eater? Thanks a lot!

11 Aug 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Pustekuchen Gameplan is very simple make money and put what ever ice you can find down on a remote and try to score behind it. just token stuff mostly like Vanilla / Quandary make them go get those breakers if they want to get in. it's important to not worry about losing agendas it'll slow them down scoring as they need to clear tags or take damage. But really just keep trying to score whilst keeping an eye out to see if you can kill them.

It's hard to say exactly what you want in your starting hand as it vary's abit from game to game but generally a cheap ICE an agenda and some cash is a good start. as for Eater can't say it bothers me i just try to keep an unresed ICE on remote plus one rezed ETR ICE then just pile up ICE on R&D.

12 Aug 2016 Pustekuchen

Thanks! That sounds like a plan I'm theoretically able to execute...

With the Combo Hard-Hitting News and False Lead, what do you think about adding BOOM! so you don't neccessareliy have to find two kill-cards (especially nice with Consulting Visit) and it's nice against I've Had Worse without Plascrete Carapace? Or is this a bad idea?

12 Aug 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Pustekuchen I am not sure on adding BOOM! I am a little sceptical at how useful or good in general it will be. The problem i have with it are that theirs so many restrictions, the runner needs 2 tags you need 2 clicks and the runner has to have not trashed the card.

That said my deck can get those 2 tags and still have the 2 clicks to fire off BOOM! So i don't know it may work out well I can't say with 5 kill cards finding 2 is that hard tbh but freeing up deck slots would be nice. Id say it's worth trying and finding out I just have an issue with any runner been able to disarm my kill rather than just worrying about Anarchs.