DoubleDumble - 15th (went 7-2) at Gencon 2016

spags 7811

Nothing magical. Took thebigboy's tried/true Dumble, and tried it in Val, an ID I never played. I also thought it would be more resilient to ASI, which saved me in two games. Plus, Rebirth is fun, and Blackmail is awesome. The BP is great in general, and the ability to slow rush with BM helped in at least two games. Scrubbers make you into Whizz early, and if you change into Whizz, turn you into Super Whizz. Added 3rd Faust because you need a breaker to kill shite, and in 50 cards, got to see one. Corroder was a no brainer, and made Knifing easier.

Deck was strong. Only losses were v. SYNC, where it severely missed on accesses, and lost 7-6 to a PsychoAstro, and last round of Swiss to Ethan's Food, where I got to 6 points, despite no Cakes, no Medium, and faceplanting a Sherlock 2.0 on last click with 2 cards in hand and no D4. (T1 Rebirth was nice, though)

Great deck. Fun and versatile. Would prob. pull the one of Kati for something. Only thing I regretted. Maybe another Deja or Bhagat, who created great HQ pressure, or a Vamp.

8 Aug 2016 shanodin

What did you rebirth into vs Food in last round?

8 Aug 2016 dogstew

Awesome deck. Was fun playing you, sorry about the bad draw!

@shanodin he rebirthed into Whiz. Was a pretty clear choice I think, given my opening turn of Hedge, Eve, BBG.

8 Aug 2016 spags

Yes. Was the right call. Should've attacked HQ more, but needed to get draw set up.

8 Aug 2016 moistloaf

I've been debating trying DumbleVal myself, but was going to try 2 Inject to mitigate the larger deck size. What's your opinion on that?

8 Aug 2016 spags

@moistloafI think Inject or Peddler are fine. Note the lack of recursion for programs, though. If you're willing to sacrifice those for speed, go for it.

9 Aug 2016 Dr_Feelgood

@spags, good job! I believe this deck becomes even stronger further, with the addition of Omar Keung to the pool.

10 Aug 2016 cdmena86

Hey @spags- I live in Orland Park; my local store in Frankfort is hosting a Summer Kit event in September. This is their first attempt at hosting an organized play day. To this point, the store owner says many people buy the product, but haven't played in store. I'm new to paper/IRL Netrunner as I've mostly played kitchen table and on Jinteki. Below is a link to the event; please share with any Chicago'ans who may be interested!

Cheers! - Chris