Sandburg, ICE, and Stuff (16th Place 2016 GenCon)

hasuprotoss 345

This is the deck I piloted to 16th at GenCon. Shout outs to @spags for giving me his list the day before as I floundered not knowing what I would be playing. I ended up changing some things, but listened to his sage advice on other card choices, namely 2 Crisium Grid which was a fairly important card for shutting down nasty Pol Op plays.

There's not much to really say about this deck, it does it's thing and I'm extremely comfortable with it, which is why I decided to go this route rather than some type of CTM FOTM deck that I would be utterly lost playing. Ended up going 7-2 with this, beating Hayley x2, MaxX, Val, Geist, and Whizzard, and one more that I don't quite remember. I lost to Kate and Whizzard. This deck is probably a better glacier matchup against Nexus Kate (thanks to Next Silver, barring them including Sherman) but it's still pretty miserable.

I think changes would include dropping the Eli for Wraparound maybe? And turning the Magnet into Turing 2? Drop the Ichi as well, play Mother Goddess. Maybe swap Eve and Sandburg numbers as well, as I found that I was mostly using Sandburg as a must trash card that allowed me to rush out 7. If you're more of a glacier, sit back, and make things impenetrable player, probably keep those numbers as is.

8 Aug 2016 Fruggles

Should've Replicated Pacerfection.

8 Aug 2016 hasuprotoss

I should have, but decided ETF just gave me more of a leg against decks that could camp remotes by playing the never advance game.

But I sincerely considered playing some Replicating Pacerfection but since even he wasn't on it I decided to be a boring robot.