Help! I'm Stuck in 2013!! (16th 2016 GenCon)

hasuprotoss 345

This is the deck I piloted to 16th place at GenCon. My placement also meant that I took home second place Criminal at the North American championships, as well. Overall, it went 5-4 over the two days. It beat a CTM, ETF, Sync, NEH, and one more that I sadly can't remember, while losing to Sync, 2x CTM, and Argus. I don't feel like I was ever truly out of the game in any of my losses, but misplays against extremely strong opponents who will snatch any opportunity you give them certainly will erode your chances of victory.

Brief side note: If you told people back in 2013/2014 that this deck would be the "fair" Netrunner deck, I'm sure you would have been laughed at and told to lay off the alcohol. But alas, we're here now!

Onto the build, with a bit of background. Most of my Andromeda decks (OK, probably all of my Andromeda decks) come from a great mind of Criminal and great friend (we'll call him... Zach?). Unfortunately, my esteemed friend and creator of all of my Andromeda decks was actually not on Andromeda, despite playing her most tournaments for the past... I dunno, several years? So the day before/night before the tournament, I had no deck built and kinda threw some stuff together.

I eventually ended with 50 cards, and after discussing with Pacer and Zach, we got to this list. They told me to cut e3 Feedback Implants, they made me go up to 2 Networking, and convinced me to play Medium. You'll find that all of their decisions were right, including those that I didn't listen to. The subsequent cuts got to the list you see here.

Overall, I ended up never using the paid abilities/playing 7 of my cards during the 9 rounds. Those cards were e3 Feedback Implants, Kati Jones, Political Operative, Mongoose, and Datasucker. Overall, there wasn't enough glacier to need Kati and Political Operative, e3 is just not a card that needs to be in this deck, and Mongoose and Datasucker I find hard to really evaluate moving forward with this deck.

However, there were a few MVPs. Bank Job was solid considering the amount of asset spam, Networking is amazing since it allows you to save money off clearing Siphon tags (especially against Sync) and devastates a lot of the tagstorm decks, Medium is beautiful, and Femme Fatale was just a monster. Seriously, I might go to two or even three Femmes. Card is totally worth the 9 bucks it costs to get through Data Ravens, Gutenbergs, Archangels, Tollbooths, and all sorts of other various nasty ice that your breaker suite cannot handle easily.

I think I would also like to get a Plascrete or two in there. Both of my games against dedicated kill decks wouldn't have lasted long enough for Plascrete to matter, but I'm fairly certain if I knew I had Plascrete in the deck I would take different lines of play involving getting Plascrete out. Instead I just had to go fast without it, and it burned me (heh, heh) once.

8 Aug 2016 RubbishyUsername

I'm super confused as to what e3 Feedback Implants was supposed to be for. Bioroids?

8 Aug 2016 Funshade

if your running 2x networking Jon masanori might be a good include to drop his tag,

well if you want to run plascrte you could run 2-3 ports hoppers that add to andy's link then make the Controling the Message decks a bit more barable

9 Aug 2016 hasuprotoss

Completely forgot that Masanori was the one card I absolutely wanted to add (and I've always wanted to add before this deck, too...). Networking makes his downside even less painful.

e3 was for Bioroids as I figured ETF was probably one of the harder matchups. However, it just doesn't do enough even in that matchup to warrant inclusion.

9 Aug 2016 hasuprotoss

Forgot to mention that I like Plascrete more than Hopper as you can't be forced into burning it early.

9 Aug 2016 Funshade

@hasuprotoss I run three in most decks now. As for draw it's bad. But when you can install it and trounce Ronin decks. Face check jinteki. And draw in emergency clutch plays.

10 Aug 2016 moistloaf

Would you slot Tem├╝jin Contract over Bank Job or SecTest? I built a similar deck in preparation for Blood Money, then cross referenced with this one. I'm on 2 John 2 Earthrise, 1 Sed 3 Tem and no Bank Job. Slotted a second Femme under your recommendation. How do you feel about Temujin? It's less bursty than Bank Job but an early one can guarantee you credit lead for the early game , I am finding

10 Aug 2016 Myriad

I think Paperclip can safely replace your x2 Corroder post blood money. Not sure what you would want to use your x1 influence for. Maybe Rebirth?

Looks like a solid beginning.

@moistloafI think you want x2 sec, x3 Career Fair, x3 Temujin post blood money. Its too good not to play, especially when it can stack with sec testing and desperado. I might try to slot Masanori.

11 Aug 2016 Qualistarian


Note it.

11 Aug 2016 anduril66

I removed Medium and added 2 Turning Wheel and Rebirth.