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CommissarFeesh 410

This was my deck at the UK National Championship. It was designed specifically to counter CtM but also to have a decent match against Glacier decks as well. Sadly on the day I underperformed as my Corp let me down enormously (Titan Rush, winning only 1 game all day).

There are some changes I would already make to this. I basically never used Déjà Vu. At times I felt like Nerve Agent might be better than Medium (although Medium undeniably wins games, and won me games on the day). I'd like to replace Zu.13 with an in-faction solution and get the third Power Tap (perhaps once we see what the rest of Flashpoint has to offer).

On the whole though, the deck does what it's supposed to do. It makes winning traces trivial, gives you an out against big scary ICE through Nexus, and lets you knock scary operations like EOI and All-Seeing I out of HQ by virtue of your ID. I honestly think that with a better pilot, and paired with a better Corp, this could have been up at the top tables.

16 Aug 2016 H0tl1ne

VERY interesting. I'm certainly going to have fun with this idea a bit. Giving ol' Ed some link might indeed be a direction worth exploring.

17 Aug 2016 michaeln

Replace ZU.13 Key Master with Yog.0 and then have an inf spare for that Power Tap?

17 Aug 2016 CommissarFeesh

@H0tl1ne - Thank you. I feel like Kim is very well positioned in the meta right now. Adding link is something that helped the UK Champ win (he was running Rabbit Hole too, but in Kate) so I definitely think this was the right meta call.

@michaeln - I'd considered it. It's probably a foolish worry but I didn't want to use too many fixed-strength breakers for fear of being shut out of servers through Sandburg, or double-Lotus Field.

17 Aug 2016 Badeesh

With Palana about I think you must have a Lotus Field solution.

17 Aug 2016 michaeln

I hadn't thought about Sandburg, nor double Lotus; I guess that means Force of Nature :-)

30 Mar 2017 disperse

I've been playing around with a variant of this deck and have found it slow to set up. Any tips?

I've added The Archivist and Citadel Sanctuary to increase the number of traces you can get off in a round. It's great once you get your three Power Taps out.

30 Mar 2017 CommissarFeesh

@disperse hey, thanks for spending time with this.

It is slow to set up, no doubt. Choosing what hand to keep can be huge. Draw and econ are huge early on, but don't underestimate an early rabbit hole either as it thins the deck.

Don't be afraid to blow your hoppers start of turn if you really need cards you just don't have in hand either.

I like Archivist, I tried updating the deck to include him too but got side-tracked on another project (also Kim, because, well, Kim :p ) Citadel always seemed like a good idea too but I could never work out what to cut for it. What changes did you make?

I guess one of the big things to remember with this deck is it was designed with the CtM meta very firmly in mind. I built it to smash CtM and it did that very well, but I don't know how it holds up now the metagame seems to have moved away from that.

30 Mar 2017 disperse

@CommissarFeesh So far, I took out the 3 Sports Hoppers to make room for 2 Archivists and 1 Citadel Sanctuary. I also switched ZU.13 Key Master for Yog.0 which gave me an influence for a 3rd Power Tap. I figure I can always Security Nexus past codegates I can't Datasucker to strength 3.

There are two builds I encounter regularly on that this does well against: the NBN: Making News + Door to Door build and NBN: Controlling the Message (of course).

The meta seems to have moved to rushing agendas out and accumulating the 14 credits you need for Security Nexus + 3 Rabbit Holes is rough.

30 Mar 2017 disperse

@CommissarFeesh Oh, the other thing I really like about this build is it is a hard counter to Macrophage which is pretty common and a pain when you're running Datasuckers and Medium.