Because Tom asked me to built it

lemon_moose 67

A deck to send to Tom because he wanted to know what my take on BWBI would look like.

Caprice is fantastic in this sort of deck, because once its set up the ice runs are genuinely taxing. Navi Mumbai City Grid helps out with all sorts of shaper shenanigans that would otherwise ignore the taxing nature of the ice.

I have been hit with employee strike more times than I care to mention while testing this deck online, and it genuinely hurts - which is my metric for having made a deck that enjoys being played out of BWBI.

Would this deck be better if you changed a few cards and put it in a different ID? Absolutely. However, in its defence: it's won games against siphon MaxX, apoc Kate and Whizzard. We won't mention the games its lost ;)

16 Aug 2016 RubbishyUsername

Hmm. With all the space ice, you only get a benefit if advanced while unrezzed. But you have 3x Dedication Ceremony, which only work beneficially with 3 ice in your deck and 2x GRNDL Refinery. Maybe some other fun stuff like Crisium Grid or additional economy?

17 Aug 2016 lemon_moose

You make a valid point about the dedication ceremony, it's done work with those 5 cards in all of my games, but I think it could be better as something like a power shutdown. Crisium is a good shout.

17 Aug 2016 dawciu

My thoughts: -3 Dedication Ceremony, +3 Shipment from Kaguya