Late Night Studies at the London Library (Sophomore Year)

pinkj 154

Chaos Theory is back to school and she's made a close friend - Beth Kilrain-Chang.

This was the first deck I built a few years ago that kind of worked and was pretty fun to play ( After building runner deck after runner deck only to lose constantly, to build a database of what worked and what didn't in my mind, the Wunderkind finally clicked something in me. So I played her for a while and I liked her. But she was janky and didn't do well in many matchups.

Then, Beth appeared. That potential extra click invoked in me that first thrill of playing my old CT deck, but now I had hundreds of losses under my belt. I am wiser to the corporations tricks and know more about deck building. So the Wunderkind decided to go back to the London Library with her new tutor - Beth.


This deck wins near end game since there is a fair amount of setup time. However, to speed up some needed initial scoring runs, Test Run with Overmind helps.

Hyperdriver also helps in initial setup. If you have a ProCo in hand, don't mull. Install that thing, draw lots, install all the Data Foldings, Modded all the hardware you can, install Beth, and install Londer Library. If you're against CtM, install NACH. It doesn't really matter if you're not drawing what you want, just keep drawing to make money and Test Run your ice breakers or Levy it all back if you need to.

Hopefully the Corp loves making lots of money as fast as possible. Having Beth out early for that 5th click really makes setting up AND running on the same turn with London Library and Autoscripter a lot easier. That way you can click Femme on LL (still at 5 clicks), Femme the ice of your choice, run it (4 clicks left), click her back (3 clicks left), click her on LL again (2 clicks left), Femme another ice, run (one click left), and click her back. If you have Sage installed with e3, Memchips and Deep Red installed for 9 str, you can get through most servers since you're usually loaded with econ from Data Folding, ProCo and event econ cards.

Sandburg? Overmind and PolOp can usually take care of it.

Is this a competitive deck? Not really, but it's a lot less janky than it looks. It can win pretty consistently if you play it well. The hardest matchup right now is probably CtM (just look at all the juicy Resources!), but ProCo-ing yourself to econ heaven with Data Foldings can usually avoid Hard Hitting News and pay for some key asset trashing. Artist Colony also helps against getting EoIed by trashing those GFIs to instal NACH.

I welcome any comments and feedback!

17 Aug 2016 RubbishyUsername

You know what would be golden in this deck? Golden. No need to spend clicks putting it back in your hand, it'll make it's way back naturally. It's a great permanent solution to those huge ice fields and is free to play again and again with London Library. Throw in a couple of Tinkering and you can annoy all sorts of ice.

17 Aug 2016 pinkj

@RubbishyUsernameThat is indeed a tempting proposition!