MikeJS 666

The idea behind this deck came about when I saw the spoilers for Blood Money. Everyone is very excited for Paperclip, and quite rightly so, but I was more drawn to Nfr in a thematic deck for Null: Whistleblower, and thus we have this deck. I've won over 2 games with it on Jinteki, as well as losing countless more, but what's important is it's a lot of fun, and in the right hands, perhaps even decent. I had Aghora in here for a while, but never used it. D4v1d is a safety measure that I currently haven't needed either. 2 of each breaker and the magic combo mean you usually get set up very quickly. Economy is fine, but could perhaps use a tweak. Runs tend to be very efficient.

Take it for a spin. Not paying to boost breakers, ever, is a ton of fun.


Net-Ready Eyes



Incidentally, what does Nfr mean?

17 Aug 2016 FarCryFromHuman

nfr: heart with trachea; beautiful, pleasant, good

17 Aug 2016 MikeJS

@FarCryFromHuman Nice find. I googled your exact response and it looks like the etymology is Egyptian. Thanks :) phonetically it's Nefer, as in Nefertiti.

17 Aug 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Yeah, I shamelessly took the definition from this Wikipedia article on Egyptian Numerals: en.wikipedia.org