T.R.D (Targeted Rig Destruction)

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Based on Kalavouna's Undecodable deck. (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/36895/undecodable-3-0)

I've been playing Jinteki as long as I have been playing the game, mainly PE. A few weeks ago I discovered this ID. After a number of matches, I've decided to post my list for critique. This list is a lot more of a glaciery build than Kalavouna's list, using the ID and rig destruction to disrupt the runner long enough to score out. The Criminal matchup is pretty good due to the limited recursion in most criminal decks. The shaper match-up is a not too great either, and relies mainly on score out quickly, and slowing them down by hitting the smc's and rig.

TLDR: Based off of Kalavouna's Undecodable 3.0 decklist and has a weaker match-up against anarchs, is ok against shapers, and good against criminal.

Main Issues I find are too little econ, agenda flood, and Power Shutdown mishaps. Rumor Mill really makes me sad :(

Any and all thoughts are appreciated. I really want to make this deck work, as I think the ID is really powerful and underrated.

Card Choices


-HoK; Main source of consistent net damage in the deck on the runner's turn -Neural EMP: Net damage on my turn -Salem's: Not really net damage but is a good way to get multiple cards out of hand, a pseudo net damage, or just an ability to look at their hand -Chrysallis: Flex slot here to serve as additional ice and occasional net damage. Used to be shock but was having troubles with amount of ice -Swordsman: Also good at killing fausts and eaters in anarch, and atman in shaper

Rig Destruction:

-Ichi 1.0: Used to be Archer, but I never really wanted to forfeit any agendas. Ichi serves a similar function, although unlike Archer it can be clicked through to save their rig. -Cobra: great in this deck, triggers rig destruction and hand destruction particularily after a batty kills their breaker -Power Shutdown: A surprising all-star and also big hinderance. Can really mess up their plans, or can give them the win. I wouldn't replace it with anything else. -Batty: Combos with Cobra or Ichi to trash programs and make things painful for the runner


-Hedge, Celebrity Gift, Pop-up, Sales Team, Targeted Marketing. I tend to still have some money issues most games. Targeted Marketing helps with it occasionally, but mainly functions as a deterrent against key cards.


-Baku, Lotus Field: Hard ETR ice that happens to be great against parasite. -Quandary: Cheap ETR ice that can't be paper-clipped.
-Jackson: You know him, you love him, all bow down to worship the great and powerful JH. Also critical for tucking away power shutdown'd agendas. -Caprice: A standard Jinteki glacier powerhouse -Cyberdex: New addition against medium, datasucker, and other stuff. Flexible slot

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Give it a try, its a whole lot of fun!

21 Aug 2016 Kalavouna

Hey, nice to see someone else enjoyed the deck/ID just as much as I did. Now, question, have you considered dropping one of the Pop-Up Windows for Rototurret? Not sure how well the economy would works out for you with some of the changes you made, but I know my version probably could have supported the change.

How do you like Ichi by the way? I tried him in my own deck at one point in time, but found that people always seemed to run early enough in the turn to just click through, which is why I stuck with Archer. Did you make the change because your running few HoKs and other 3/2s that you actually want to keep scored?

Anyway, my suggestions would be to try to fit in a Interns. (Archived Memories would be better, to recur TM against Rumor Mill) Mostly to target Caprice/Batty, but also for unfortunate Power Shutdown Mills.

Against Anarchs, I found my best strategy to be just trying to score out early, before they're really set up. However I noted that dedicated ICE destruction was a weakness. Maybe to help out, replace the Quandries with Enigma's? Cheap enough to rez early, and between Enigma and Bako, you would hopefully be able to see one to score behind.

Finally, I really don't like Chrysalsis for this deck just because the net damage does not fire from Archives. There were a number of games which I was able to shut Archives off just because I had a single Shock in there. It also has a higher trash cost and would do the damage even if they had their Killer installed. Not sure how much it's worth having another piece of ICE if your trying to make it Glacier, but maybe that makes it worth it?

Thanks again for trying it out. May your opponents always face check your Cobras, and bid 2 on Psi-games when you bid 0.

21 Aug 2016 criminallyplayed

Thanks for the comment dude! I've had decent success with Ichi so far. Most of the time they do click through the trash subs, but I find it a lot easier to rez then archer, while being nearly as taxing. Since I switched away from a rush strategy like you, I really do have a harder time forfeiting anything to the archer, even though it is definitely better.

One of the reasons I switched out some of the ice initially was to better tech against parasite. Baku and Lotus field effectively shut down parasite and make it harder for null, which certainly helps. With the addition of paper clip to the pool now, it gets a lot harder to score behind a barrier.

I found after testing that I was having some consistent issues with not drawing enough ice, hence the switch to chyrsalis. While I do like shock better for the surprise archives hit, I think that the addition of another piece of ice does more good early in the game to psych them out. Plus I did get a win off of a chyralis hit through batty in one game :)

Thanks for the suggestion with Interns/ Archived Mem and enigma over quandary, which I forgot existed :). I'll give the rototurret a try as well. The pop-ups were mainly an extra piece of econ to give me a few extra credits over the course of the game.

2 Oct 2016 Skullbotrock

How can i get netrunnerdb to let me save decsks?

5 Oct 2016 Skullbotrock

The problem i have with this deck is people slap down breakers the second they draw them after seeing the ID (known for rig sniping).

Any changes that could be made to trash programs even after they hit the table? Influence is tight but maybe aggressive secretary? Idk....

7 Oct 2016 criminallyplayed

@Skullbotrock I've tried that out and I've never found it all too useful. My main tool for getting rid of pesky icebreakers when they hit the table is either cobra/batty or power shutdown. Both of which are not the greatest options. Although it might be worth a second look especially with ark lockdown out.