No Brakes on This Bus

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'There are no breakers in there?'

'Oh. I couldn't kill you because of Drug Dealer.'

'Targeted Marketing... Fisk Investment Seminar.'

'Inside Job? No rez.'

'The death spiral is real.'

Do you remember the DLR Leela deck I posted earlier this year ? Did you find that too complex and problematic? Well, I got inspiration from a random JNET Casualer a few months back, and decided to break out a similar build. This basically takes the concept of DLeelaR, removes the DLR aspect, and then doubles down by removing all breakers, as well. One could say it's the art of fighting without fighting.

img nofight

I can show him some of it. Basically, it doubles down on milling via Fisk Investment Seminar (FIS) recursion via Deja Vu. One can even Same Old Thing (SOT) for Deja Vu for FIS. Temujin Contract is a nice add, as it can provide credits when needed, and apply pressure to an unprotected server. The key is to be like a martial arts master, striking where unprotected, exposing weakness, and between Leela's abilty, Inside Job, and DDOS, striking hard and unmolested.

Like DLeelaR, there can reach a tipping point where it's too late. If the Corp is on 2 points or less, and are under 20 cards in R&D, that's a problem. Any scores at that point will usually trigger additional weak points to exploit, or multiple Gang Signs and HQ Interfaces.

Note: do not play this. It is a troll/joke deck, only to be used to terrorize JNET Casual or GNKs. You may have additions you'd like to make (Faust/Rumour Mill/etc.). Feel free to make those changes, and then don't play it. You don't want your opponents/friends/future ex-ANR players feeling like this:

img farleybus

props to tundinator for the deckname/a quote above

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22 Aug 2016 timfast

ha, so even a deck with the win condition of milling out the corp and that focuses entirely on replaying Fisk seminar plays better outside of Fisk.

22 Aug 2016 spags

@timfastMaybe? I've never used that ID.

22 Aug 2016 AkAnderson

Hmm, I like it, but I think it could have too many programs.

22 Aug 2016 ianmalcom

Been running something similar for a while, first out of Leela ( ) and then intro Andro ( ). It works great against most corps who can't handle the flood and end up throwing away their set pieces or rely heavily on the runner running to tag and bag them.

23 Aug 2016 Badeesh

This is sweet. I took DLR Leela (quite different to yours) to my last store champs, she went undefeated, and I wanted to say she only installed a single breaker in 2 of the 4 games. Now I have the alt-art Leela. Which is the coolest thing ever.

23 Aug 2016 Saan

There was actually an episode of Quality Time last week where they talked with Jaime Pericas, who was the person who created the Kate DDoS/False Echo/Keyhole deck here in Portland (also the creater of When The Flash Wears Yellow last year). His original version of the deck was actually an Andy deck that looked a lot like this with the same concept; no breakers, get in with DDoS and Inside Job while overloading their hand with Fisk, sniping it with Gangsign/HQI and then later Sneakdoor. Like, it's crazy how similar the decks are. His used False Echo as well, for deeper penetration, but didn't have the mill aspect with the Deja Vu thing you have going on here.

It's cool that you both basically hit on slightly different variations of the same wacky theme =)

23 Aug 2016 spags

@SaanYeah, the zeitgeist, and all that. XD

This was just a side-project of my DLR deck, which is similar. Create pressure, use FIS strategically, and keep the clock accelerating.

This deck does much better in an environ with little FA.

Seriously, try the deck out. It's like playing a puzzle. Moves have to be made tactically, to prevent unnecessary ICE rezzing. Also, the Corp has to dance around Leela/GS/HQI/Drive By. It's quite the fencing match at times. I've really enjoyed the brain muscles the deck has made me use at times.

25 Aug 2016 Horse85

This deck is fucking fun. Holy shit.

25 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

What a funny deck @spags, we also would have accepted 'Crazy Train'

25 Aug 2016 spags

@Horse85You're welcome.

25 Aug 2016 leopold42

Very funny to play deck. Truying to add some AI breakers (Overmind), and console (Logos, Box-E). Some games I win with stealing agendas, so I think it's good to have an option to break some scoring remote with 2 and more ICE.

25 Aug 2016 spags

@leopold42I win plenty of games by stealing.

28 Aug 2016 benticurus

HAH thnx for the mention, @Saan, yeah the decks are very similar

29 Aug 2016 fiveplus5is55

That random J-net guy was me , pretty sure. Instead of those DDoS I included Spoilers . I have been playing this deck since January , and been testing The Black File since it was playable On J-Net.

It was a force , especially competetive vs Fast Advance also. But the rise of "Never advance IG" totally destroyed this. So my winrate was very good vs all Meta decks, just not playable vs never advance.

2 Sep 2016 benticurus

@spags i know i pmayed you once with my early DDoS Drive By and Echo Deck that was out if Silhouette. You were playing Jinteki Biotech. I drove by your niseis and traps, and you were amussed at my having all expose effects and no breakers.

3 Sep 2016 Umbraldancer

yeah this is mine :D, i love it, its missing the spoilers though.