npcdel 3

Every bad Magic player always wants to win via milling, the original alternate win condition. Well, you can't kill the runner from milling, but you can make it impossible for them to win and score at your leisure - maybe.

I know this deck needs work, but the core is this:

-Put Harvesters on the same central server, likely Archives.

-Play An Offer You Can't Refuse and watch them mill 12 or more cards (if you managed to stick a Cell Portal at the end.

-Blacklist will prevent Paperclip or Clone Chip shenanigans; score the occasional Chronos Project to make sure they can't just trash Blacklist and then Levy.

-ETR Ice is for your centrals and protecting things you DON'T want them running. Your econ is Shell Corporation so you can stick it with Edge of the World/Junebug, incidentally providing Siphon spam.

-I'm terrified of Levies before you're set up, or things that hurt your plan, so the pair of Cabal Therapies should pluck the Levy or other problem cards before they come up.

-You have a draw and econ engine in Agroplex.

-Toshiyuki Sakai is the most YOLO card in the bunch. Mushining him out seems like the pro-est play.

I'm open to any suggestions, this deck is definitely a work in progress but I feel like it can do work by giving the runner far fewer options than they would like, and having to choose between their favorite cards for right now and what they will need later, since they can't get it back.

Tenma Line is to help you re-organize after your initial spread to get the ice where you want.

Aiki is kinda weird in that you almost want to lose, to make them draw more cards.

6 Oct 2016 killj0y

I've been looking for decks of this type for a while. The Harvester forced card draw appears to be an underused but funny mechanic.

Just curious why Rainbow and not something a little more effective like Himitsu-Bako?