Brewing Panic

Lttlefoot 1077

You are on the Brewery. First plan: Use a False Lead when the runner hits a Psychic Field or a Komainu, then kill them by flipping your identity.

Second plan: Fast advance with Trick of Light. You can get additional points by Consulting for An Offer or "Clones". When you consult for "clones", the runner is going to become very interested in your remotes (good time to play a psychic field) or your HQ.

Which leads to the third plan: Panic Button. There's no game winning combo, but you can Reuse to get a bunch of credits and stock your archives with ambushes.

Fourth plan: You can consult for 24/7 to retrigger your Philotic, doing a bunch of damage.

25 Aug 2016 tonybluehose

This gets a star for including Panic Button, one of my favorite thematic cards.