No Icebreakers — The Holy Trinity

benticurus 1676



This is my latest version of a Criminal deck with DDoS/False Echo. I find this deck to be the most fun of the DDoS/False Echo decks because you have a limited amount of combo bullets and no recursion, hence the Infiltration and Drive By to ensure you use your combos when appropriate.

I've been playing around with DDoS decks for a while, out of Silhouette, Andromeda, and Kate —see my other published deck lists for instructions on how to pilot this type of Criminal.

I'd go with Silhouette because of the theme of sneaking by ICE without even encountering them, I'd go with Andy for the draw and consistency, and I'd go with Kate in order to win a lot.

My favorite combo, however, is DDoS/False Echo/Inside Job to get past 3 ICE in a row: a combo that uses one card from each of the main factions: the holy trinity!

Sports Hopper is the latest card to really help out this list: it is a good defense against kill decks and great draw for every other Corp matchup. Sports Hopper also shines when played out of The Supplier —he can reduce the cost of 47% of cards in the deck.

Gang Sign/HQ Interface/Fisk Investment Seminar also support stealing agendas whilst setting up your bypassing combos.

This deck is hard to pilot at first, but it makes sense once you become familiar with the deck list and the combos.

When Midseasons Replacements, The Future Perfect, or Punitive are more common in the meta, Employee Strike is replaced by Film Critic.