Sunny Contracts

criminallyplayed 58

The way I see it, Sunny has always had two crippling weaknesses:


2.High Setup Cost

-------Enter Temujin Contracts--------

As you all know, this card is nuts and its potential for money making cannot be overstated. Temujin Contracts goes a long way to fixing one Sunny's huge weaknesses, her high setup cost to get rolling, and after about a dozen games of testing on I came up with this list.

From what I have foudn Sunny is strong against glacier decks and decks that absolutely must land a trace to win, as Sunny can get REALLY rich. Still not great against rush, tagstorm, or 1000 cuts style decks, as there is no recursion.

The biggest issue I ran into while playing this build was consistency. I just don't reliably have all my breakers when I want, or Temujin early. A lot of that is due to the limitations inherent with a 50 card deck, as well as general lack of card drawing.

The interesting match-up is CtM. Sunny is both amazing and terrible against it. Closed Accounts and All-Seeing I still wreck her, but high link also can get through almost all of their ice and negate the ID ability without the need to spend any money what-so-ever or even install breakers. I have won several games against CtM by having 7 link and then just trashing all their stuff. Turns out with 7 link you can get through almost all of their ice for free with no breakers needed.

Some general tips on how to play this deck:

1.Get Temujin in starting hand

2.Seriously, you really want that in your starting hand

3.For the love of god get Temujin in your opening hand!

4.Install Temujin, Run 3x

5.Draw a lot until you find breakers and drip econ

6.Run just enough to keep the corp off-balance until you have your breakers and drip econ out

7.Wreck stuff because you are Sunny in the late game

While Temujin certainly won't push Sunny into the competitive realm, I think that it gives her a much needed boost against decks she has struggled with in the past. Give the list a try. see what you think, and help make Sunny great again (for the first time)!