JohnnyCache 35

For Dan Spinosa

29 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

thats @codemarvelous thank you!

30 Aug 2016 zwarbo

Instead of the 2nd Eater, would a Test Run be a good change. Enables a tutor for Pheromones or Keyhole and let's you get a trashed card back from the heap.

I was also thinking about Self-modifying Code but I think the MU could be an issue.

31 Aug 2016 ANRguybrush

This is pretty close to a list I'm currently running. Tem├╝jin allows us to farm Pheromones tokens and hammer HQ again and again and again...and again. The keyhole is neat, but maybe the turning wheel could be good here. Just farm up tokens on HQ and dig deep after shutting down ice on R&D or vamping/siphoning the corp down.

31 Aug 2016 JohnnyCache

@zwarbo I've been trying that out since you suggested and its been great, thanks, really useful against surprise Power Shutdowns

@guy.brushTemujin makes playing against asset spam viable at all, I love it so much <3 . But about turning wheel, although its pretty cool, I just prefer Keyhole. Turning wheel doesnt really fit with the no access breaker suite, and the decks already weak enough to resource trashing, unfortunately :/