Temujin Katman

SneakdoorMelb 693

Credit to @saetzero for this, all I did was add a Levy. Deck is good.

30 Aug 2016 esutter479

Could it make due with 2 Patrons, or is 3 absolutely necessary? Just wondered. :)

30 Aug 2016 SneakdoorMelb

@esutter479 Not sure honestly! Could be the first cut. It's really nice to have early, especially comboing with Temujin.

30 Aug 2016 sruman

Nice to see it back in action. Is parasite the only answer to swordsman?

30 Aug 2016 esutter479

Swordsman is a destroyer, so the Sharpshooter can help there too.

30 Aug 2016 BizTheDad

Do you ever have memory problems?

30 Aug 2016 Abstract

How have you found matchups like HB where they can get ice down to tax the Temujins? Is Kati a worthwhile consideration?

30 Aug 2016 CJFM

No plas, no clot. Those are problems. Cut a Temujin and the Patrons + 1 RDI and play the Colony/Fan Site combo and you'll be much better off.

30 Aug 2016 SneakdoorMelb

@BizTheDadNope. You don't necessarily need 3x Atman 2x Datasucker out but if you do you're in endgame and should be able to cut through a server really easily.

@AbstractNo problem really, Katman always did pretty well against HB back in the day because of 4tman. Turing is a thing but Cy-Cy deals with it on remotes and Parasite deals with it on centrals. Tem├╝jin Contract is amazing because you don't necessarily need to put it on Archives and gain 16, you can also use it to get refunded for Indexing/regular runs.

@CJFMI agree that no Clot feels bad but Temujin feels so important that I'm really loath to cut one just yet. If I'm getting run over by FA I will but so far winning off Indexing seems enough. Plascrete isn't a problem if you have enough money but cutting a Patron for a Film Critic (or maybe even a Sports Hopper?) would probably be fine and serve a pretty similar role with a bit more versatility. The Colony/Fan Site combo is an interesting idea - I'll see if I can make some cuts and will give it a try. Worth noting that Patron and Beth are kickass draw though.

31 Aug 2016 Elodius

On Plascrete: All the money in the world can't save you from 24/7 Traffic Scorched

31 Aug 2016 mifu

Are there any general guidelines in setting the Atmans' strenght? Or is it mostly on matchup by matchup basis?

31 Aug 2016 sruman

@mifu Now-a-days it's very matchup dependent, but can't go too far wrong with the classic 0,2,4

1 Sep 2016 SneakdoorMelb

@Elodius That's fair. I actually haven't seen it once since MWL 2 so kind of forgot about it.

@sruman, @mifu Agreed, 0,2, 4 is the classic and covers a lot. Remember that you want to be recurring Parasite as well to blow up low strength multi sub ICE like NEXT Silver.

1 Sep 2016 CJFM

@SneakdoorMelb Yeah, the only real problem is if yellow gets one of those Astro + SanSan -> three more agenda draws and you don't run HQ a bunch of times. How fast has the setup been?

2 Sep 2016 Labbes

Played the deck in German Nationals, I just swapped a Patron for a Hopper. Won against one horizontal deck and three Glaciers, lost one to HBFA with the goddraw. Very very fun, thanks for posting it.

3 Sep 2016 SneakdoorMelb

@CJFM Yeah, sometimes NBN just wins. Setup seems fast so far.

@Labbes Awesome! Glad to hear it.

8 Sep 2016 saetzero

Thanks for shoutout - if anyone has questions for me directly feel free. Just tag me here or ask me on Slack or Stimhack forums