IKEA Security

mcbeast 1012

This deck depends a lot on killing your opponent and playing mind games on them. Prisec is MVP, and installing it in any server makes the runner think twice, two times at least. Winning games with Prisec/Psychic Field feels good in your soul, and Dedicated Response Team is there to help you kill the runner even more deader.

You want to spam remotes that could potentially be a Snare!, and don't be afraid installing agendas naked and advancing them at weird times - you're "just whiffing a Junebug" (you scrub). Also, Prisec on Commercial Bankers Group makes it do its thing for a long time.

Lure the runner into running your naked servers and force them to make bad choices.

Your biggest threats are NACH, DLR and Spycam, but you're a true Swedish IKEA-viking who can handle those things, right?

2 Sep 2016 Meristem

If you're bluffing agendas, why not replace Oaktown Renovation with Geothermal Fracking?

Protip about the Prisec and Commercial Bankers Group interaction!

2 Sep 2016 mcbeast

@Meristem, I thought about using Geothermal instead, but I've chosen Oaktown to push the runner into running the server; i.e. together with an Prisec. If you get early pressure, the runner has to choose to leave or get the agenda, and if the latter, the choise to take damage or get a tag, which will open up other options (Prisec, Response Team, Zealous).

Also, Geothermal gives you money, yes, but more often than not, money is not the issue with this deck.