Sunny Cont(r)acts

cartesius 5

Tired of corps having fun with Hard-Hitting News and all those crazy traces? Give Sunny "Link Queen" a try!

Our beloved French girl is one of the best runners in late game, due to her strong rig of breakers supported by drip economy. The drawback? a slow setup in early/mid game. The idea behind this deck is as simple as fighting this. How? burst economy and draw.


We have a bunch of good cards like Temüjin Contract (so present nowadays that even corps include it! :P), Career Fair (so many resources here!) and, of course, Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry which comboes well with Temüjin.


50 cards is a pain. Knock down this with Off-Campus Apartment full of a good gang of contacts. Earthrise Hotel and Sports Hopper help, but one of the MVP of the deck is Patron.


The Turning Wheel is such a great card! With an early Security Nexus we can pressure both HQ and RD and load it until a final (winning?) assault on these centrals.


No surprise here. The inf is tight and Sunny's suite does a good job if you can feed them with tons of credits. and that's why we work so hard, right, Sunny?


Beth Kilrain-Chang is another MVP. Considering this is still a slow deck, giving some advantage to the corp at early, balances the situation. Film Critic is there for pesky Midseasons because if we need to stop rush scorings, we won't have enough credits to prevent this yet. New Angeles City Hall because tags are biggest enemy and some bad news can blow out your party at the campus. Councilman and Political Operative are always helpful againts some nasty cards.


All in all, this version is faster than previous version before Temüjin Contract and Sports Hopper came out, however I don't think it is fast enough against a real rush corp. The biggest flaw in the deck is having an unique copy of many cards, The idea though is to set up most of them asap. Net damage can also be a pain. I'd like to slot Guru Davinder or Feedback Filter.

NOTE: this deck was reviewed in podcast Por un Puñado de Créditos #009. Last changes:

-3 Off-Campus Apartment

-1 Councilman

+1 Sneakdoor Beta

+1 New Angeles City Hall

+2 Armitage Codebusting

2 Sep 2016 yluras

Fingers crossed! I'll tell you how I fare with this bad boy this weekend!

2 Sep 2016 cartesius

@yluras"bad girl" ;-)

3 Sep 2016 yluras

@cartesius you never know in Netrunner...