Advancing ICE Onesie (

Phlogiston 29

Deck built for the (1 Core Set, 1 Expansion, 1 Data Pack, 1 Card, no restrictions on ID) casual format. Straight-forward advancement ice deck. Scoring Firmware Updates early and making the most of the ID's ability is the key here.

If I was going to play this deck again, I'd probably remove Constellation Protocol as I never played it, maybe remove some ice or include another Nebula and Wormhole, and definitely improve the economy. Using some of the influence available would be a good idea too.

6 Sep 2016 Guv_bubbs

Is shadow the only thing giving tags?

7 Sep 2016 Phlogiston

That's right, unless Wormhole or Orion are used to give tags if Shadow is already rezzed. Given the lack of tagging, Scorched Earth could probably be replaced with something to boost the deck's economy.

9 Sep 2016 Viceps

Whats your one card and one DP? Seems like Cyberwalls is one of those and could be a way better splash. I always thought Commercialization was the bomb with this ID.

11 Sep 2016 Phlogiston

Yes, it was Cyberwalls. I agree, Commercialization would be a better choice in retrospect.

30 Sep 2016 lemonwood

It fun, almost wish advancing ice wasn't so bad in standard play :(