Lock and Strike - Italian National (2nd in Swiss undefeated)

mao 535

It's substancially a Silver Bullet Kate with Inti instead of a second Cerberus that suffers for the tokens, also it's cheaper to retrieve with SMC and it's perfect for Wraparound and Vanilla; Stimhack instead of the third Daily Casts to install Atman without losing money and to suddenly run when my opponent thinks that with my Magnum Opus economy i can't; HQ Interface instead of Vamp, because Shapers haven't a strong economy compared to the one of the most played Corps. It went undefeated during the Swiss, but i lost one game in Top for some bad luck and some mistake that i made.

Here my Corp decklist: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/37594/nothing-but-the-hard-truth-italian-national-2nd-swiss-