Sift and Mutate

Enochj 36

Combine the Powers of The Foundry and Executive Boot Camp to tutor 3 of Quandary and 3 of Vanilla and get them on the board as soon as possible. Once those are out of the way, Mutate has nowhere to go but up!

With the power of The Foundry, it is also possible to pair The Twins with Brainstorm to flatline the runner with an unprecedented amount of brain damage. Normally this takes place on a run on R&D or HQ.

I used to have Encryption Protocol as my current, but it discouraged the runner from running. We want runs so that we can sift R&D for the bad ice. In the same vein, Subliminal Messaging encourages this action.

You may win some games, but you will definitely impress the runner with your mutation abilities!

9 Sep 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Enochj If your going to use Mutate have you thought about using Heritage Committee it can be free if you take enough Jinteki cards and will allow you to set up your Mutate. Just a thought.

9 Sep 2016 Enochj

@Pinkwarrior it's worth a variation attempt.

9 Sep 2016 Enochj

@Pinkwarriorthough I don't think it's necessary for this deck.

10 Sep 2016 Lttlefoot

I've seen people use Levy University for this