Purple Dragon 4.22

Tubasattva 7

A long-term JNet project that wound up being fairly standard Sunny I think, all told. Employee Stirke the Corps' currents, Faust redundant cards, and don't "steal" an agenda unless you really, really mean it.

10 Sep 2016 codychilton13

It would be awesome to be able to fit off campus apartment in this for drawing quickly

10 Sep 2016 RubbishyUsername

The problem with Off-Campus Apartment is that you need to find it early, and in a 50 card deck that's a tall order. Crucially though is Faust: you don't get to break stuff if you have to install it to keep drawing. Really, in this list, Apartment only fires on 7 cards, since you aren't going to need multiple Film Critic most of the time and you can't install multiple of all the other connections except Underworld Contact.

Instead, I'm intrigued by the 1 influence running around. Surely you can find a use for that? A single Datasucker? Political Operative? Upgrade that Data Dealer into an Artist Colony and speed up your game against the nastiest, fastiest decks around?

10 Sep 2016 Tubasattva

@codychilton13 There were Off-Campus Apartments for a while. They weren't pulling their weight though and I was too poor vs Yellow, so they (and some other extraneous Connections) became Power Taps and (later) Tem├╝jin Contracts. Would still love to find some more draw, though.

@RubbishyUsername: Artist Colony is a pretty strong idea. Turning hate-gendas into money feels SO good with GS's on the table, but the dealer has become a little redundant with the addition of the Contracts...