Power Runner Sunny, aka. Rich Momma

skewie 264


All the trace based NBN-shenanigans got you down? Don't worry, momma Sunny is here to help!

Against most matchups (and I guess in most runner decks nowadays) you want to see a Temüjin early. Doing this early bypasses Sunny's usually slow economic start taking you straight to the good stuff quicker. Getting Temüjin up means getting your Rabbit Holes and Security Nexus up fast. And once you're setup most corp decks will struggle to keep you out. You'll be laughing all the way to the bank when you pass SYNCs and CTMs so called "taxing" ice. :) With this deck I've ended a game with 99 credits and it's not uncommon to be 30+ credits against many corps, assuming you play your cards right.

So even though it's not all roses and sunshine (against super rushy corps, for example), I've had great success while trying this deck out. You try it out too. It's fun. :)

So some card choices. Breakers. Shrike is awesome, when you need it. It's downside is that its a bit costly in the HB-matchup but there you have your clicks and your Security Nexus to help you get past those awkward sentries. Paperclip - awesome Yog - awesome.

Other strange cards. Another day, Another paycheck: Makes your costly run to steal that agenda not hurt as much. Works wonders with Power Tap and to remove annoying Corp currents.

John Masanori, a steady income for card draw against most decks. I've learned not to install this against HB for example. It will cause you harm. A bit on the fence on this one still.

Security Chip: Lotus Field locking your Yog out? Is the corp rezzing multiple Heimdalls on you? This is your answer, I would stick another one in if I used my breakers more.

Jak Sinclair: In here mostly to synergize with John and Temüjin. Also works great in the HB-matchup, giving you another important click to break those Bioroids.

Plascrete: 50 cards run out, believe it or not. And against some Weyland decks this will save your *ss, or at least a few of your awesome cards.

Globalsec Security Clearance: Again, 50 cards run out. Use this against those spiky Jinteki decks or when R&D is heavily iced. Make sure you only access agendas! :)

Well there you have it, thanks for reading!