Cartel Wedding Planner Challenge

analogBrad 170

Director Haas and Victoria Jenkins are getting married. But is this matrimony one founded from love...or something sinister? This cartel marriage will unite HB and NBN with the blessings of The Board. You are the wedding planner, and making this thing happen will be no simple feat.

Your task is to bring together Haas, Vicky, and the Board members at the world's grandiosest locale. But don't expect the executives to leave clintillions and trazumpions of points at risk. The biggest agendas first must be secure. Set up a safe place and quickly stow them away. Vicky's minions can help. And you can't host such a big event on a shoestring budget. Think bigger! Start by bootstrapping and boosting protective barriers. But you'll need even more revenue make this go down. Solicit wedding gifts in advance and use the assets at your disposal to liquidate 'em. When the preparations are complete, send out the invitations and bring everyone together.

Apparently, though, not everyone was invited. Chairman Hiro must save face by sending a gift of his own . Perhaps he's even more vindictive than we ever could have imagined, but maybe the whole idea was his from the start. Don't put it all on him, though! Only YOU are the wedding planner, and only YOU are accountable for whatever happens.

The big question is can you pull it all off while keeping those pesky runners at bay? Roll your sleeves up and prepare to find out if you have what it takes to plan the defining event of the not so distant future.


11 Sep 2016 Chickie Drake

I'm trying this just because the write up is so entertaining. Thank you.

11 Sep 2016 analogBrad

Let me know if you have any ideas about how to improve it thematically or strategically. I've already received some advice to go 3 Glenns, 1 Govt Takeover, and 2 Vanity Projects to consolidate the agendas. Ditched the Underway for another Self-destruct, which is much more central to end game. Also ditched the Mushin for another Fast Track. ICE is simplified with 3 Curtains, 2 Hadrians, 3 Quicksand, 2 Enigma, and 1 Orion.

The end game is not the wedding but the reception. Dismantle the big ICE using Blue Sun to get back the creds once you have Self Destruct installed. You might as well rez it too to avoid council man. Then set up another super remote to score out. If they run on the Plaza, blow it up...the execs aren't worth anything from archives anyway. But don't blow it up if they don't have enough credits to steal. If they don't run the Plaza then ride out your new click advantage and Blue Sun income to score on wedding night.