Dark Star Megacube (640) Corp

Theyos 69

Here is the full cube-list for Dark Star Gaming's "Megacube" Draft Tournament, taking place on 17th September 2016.

As with the Runner Deck, I believe the card pool has plenty of alternatives and options to support a large cube, whilst retaining a fun experience and suitably powerful options.

This deck is designed for use with the Hardwired Draft IDs, hence the presence of Employee Strike and similar cards. Based on a core of the Stimhack 320 card cube, with the addition of currents and other more interesting parts of the Netrunner experience. For the Corp, Extra recursion options have been added to provide alternatives to Jackson Howard, and cards have been favoured that play into the Draft ID's strategies.

HB means that strong recursion such as Jackson really wasn't favoured as much as it otherwise would be.

Jinteki allows for a little extra tolerance of positional ICE in the draft.

NBN can be played around, but even so, some of the more egregious tag punishment has been left out, especially with the faster pace and lower agenda score required of draft.

Weyland finally means that there are some advanceable ICE and related cards.

I welcome feedback and hope to see some new faces in Plymouth on the 17th!