Sunny's Home Party

binnet 298

This is an anti-everything deck,

You like giving people tags? NOPE! You like flat-lining runners? NOPE! You like scoring out agendas from HQ? NOPE!

Sunny has a bunch of friends that help her out with everything.

The deck takes a bit to set up but if you can keep the corp in check until turn 10-15 or so the game is already won, most corps concede at this point.

Hard mull for Off Campus Apartment or keep if you get a starting hand with a ton of "Start-of-turn econ".

Weakest against rush decks, if you can get The Source out early this should slow it down though.

Once set up guru prevents all damage, the source prevents scores and makes "never-advance" impossible to you know when to run, nd if you would run into a trap who cares, the guru is there!

This deck can get insanely rich ending games with over 50 credits sometimes.

Getting breakers online fast can be tough but you can usually run straight through tracer ICE and bioroids thanks to 4 Link, Jack Sinclair and Joshua B.

Never steal and Agendas just host them on the double Film Critics to prevent trashing of New Angeles City Hall and The Source.