Bloody Chaos

qvm 1226

When many runners see Temüjin, they think of all the beautiful synergies with Desperado, John Masanori, Patron, or Datasucker. This deck goes a different route and aims to be efficient with or without open servers, with or without being tagged.

Open servers?
Slam down Temüjin, run like there is no tomorrow (Indexing, The Maker's Eye, Dirty Laundry, Hyperdriver).

Opponent is turtling?
Fetch Mopus, sit back and money up (optimally with Beth and Hyperdriver). Punish them with a well-timed Vamp or subsidize your R&D runs with Temüjin.

Asset spam? Let Astrolabe draw all the R&D pressure and economy for you.

Closed accounts, wiped resources?
Make sure you play Mopus before that happens. Once you go tag-me, it’s a race that you can win with Indexing, The Maker's Eye, FTE. Temüjin can still be played if it’s emptied in a single Hyperdriver turn.

Whenever I previously tried Mopus-based decks, they were too slow and too predictable. With Bloody Chaos, I don’t need Mopus turn one. Instead, I can start pressuring the corp with Temüjin and transition to Mopus later.

The full rig has one memory left over. The higher memory allows me to SMC for my last breaker and to have a longer window of when it’s possible to play Hyperdriver. However, Atman and Chameleon (cheaper SMC-based facechecking) are also an option.

14 Sep 2016 AberDamo4

Hey, @qvmaelstrom! Looks like a great build! I have a couple of questions, though: first of all, how often do you find you want Sports Hopper over Plascrete Carapace? Second, with rotation closer than I'd care to admit, what do you see being the replacement for Quality Time?

14 Sep 2016 qvm

Thanks @AberDamo4!

Sports Hopper does three additional things to meat damage protection: Drawing in general, protecting against net damage (if you survive it), and link.

While those are all great, I still need meat damage protection. I feel like Hopper is best when combined with I've Had Worse, since not all Traffic Accidents will force you to pop the Hopper. Also, this deck draws aggressively and only has 40 cards. It's fine to run out (you have Magnum Opus and breakers, but hopper would turn off.

On the other hand, Plascrete just got better with Prisec's popularity

You can try going 1 each though.

I haven't thought that far ahead to be honest, I only just started including Quality Time (was a mistake not to run it). If there are open servers and you are not tagged, Patron is amazing, but what if they just locked up all their servers and you draw into a Patron? I just want to draw 5 cards! We'll see if there will be anything else as bursty.