Out of Time

mentalfabric 2

First deck. The concept is to pressure the runner into having to use multiple clicks to run and then blocking him out.

14 Sep 2016 r2devo

Hello there, glad to see new blood, here are some thoughts on what works and what don't work in that there deck.

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High quality card that are missing: Jackson Howard. I would put in two of these right off the bat.

Agendas: Don't run 21 agenda points, it defeats the purpose of running 49 cards. Accelerated beta test times three is great. Efficiency committee is ok for a 4 for 2 agenda, NAPD contract also ok but you could probably consolidate them with the committees and run 3 of one of them. Voting machine fits the theme but may not be worth it, maybe replace with global food initiative or some more two point agendas, which brings me to Project Vitruvius, it's another 3 for 2 agenda which is what makes ABT good, I would cut at least one Voting machine and one of the 4 for 2s for two of these if not three.

Ice: You have a lot of chaff, you could get away with cutting the howlers, a lab dog and the minelayers and replace those with 4~5 better code gates and sentries like turing, fairchild 2.0, vikram or architect. I like to run about 15 ice and the traps aren't consistent protection.

Assets: Brain-taping warehouse seems to run against the general direction of the deck because it only takes effect after you have taxed their clicks, if you take those out you might also want to cut wotan because you have lost any sort of discount to its whopping 14 credit cost. Victoria Jenkins is an uncommonly played card but I think you have the deck for it. If you find yourself short on economy you can add some launch campaigns, they are better for getting yourself off the ground than pads but either is fine depending on how often they get trashed.

Upgrades: Ruhr Valley is very expensive and you can't reduce it with breaker bay and they will try to trash it as soon as they get in but it fits the theme so I leave that to you. I would also suggest a few Ash 2X3ZB9CY, very good defensive upgrade.

Operations: You might be able to get away with two enhanced login protocol, it's great but maybe not 3x necessary. Blue level clearance is a bit cumbersome to use and you would be better served with hedge funds and maybe a restructure.

Wow, that was longer than I was expecting, welcome to the game and I hope I haven't overloaded you with information. :)

14 Sep 2016 CactusJack

I've tried a similar crushing deck.From my experience, Victoria Jenkins is effectively a 2 point agenda if the runner trashes her (and they will target her ASAP). Keep this in mind because she means you've got 23 AP, and 10 agendas in your deck. Play her wisely.