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casek 16

This is the corp deck I took to the Store Championships 2014 in Jenkintown, PA at 7th Dimension Games.

While I got crushed runner side, I didn't give up a single Corp game that day.

Use hedge + pad + adonis to make cash (or tax runner when they trash).

Use biotic + trick of light to score agendas out of hand. Jackson + archived memories + overadvanced vitruvius can get them back as necessary.

Jackson can do so much here - accelerate your deck, protect agendas in archives, retrieve money assets + fast advance options, or function as accelerated beta test insurance. The usual.

Aggressive secretary functions as your TOL bank, but if you can bait someone into it, it will help things tremendously.

Ice is personal preference and a lot of 1x to vary it up. There might be better options here so experiment.

The only diff. between the deck I took to the store and this is -1x archived and +1x subliminal.

I would also consider running 1x archived memories and 2x Rework. Reworks function is obvious - can't score out of hand? Shuffle it back into your well protected R&D.