Compulsive Hacker Beth

Smattc 455

I have been having a fair bit of success with this Adam Build. It is basically a whole bunch of ideas i have grabbed off other Adam decks and refined into this build. Run hard run often and embrace your Directives.

Key Cards:

Beth Kilrain-Chang - She is so good in Adam. More Draw, keeps money clicking over and best case scenario is that you get the extra click with E3 Feedback Filter down and you can get through pretty much anything no matter how bad it is. She has lifted Adam up to that level where he is pretty playable against most match-ups.

New Angeles City Hall - Needed in the tag punishment meta. If you find this and Dr Lovegood you can stick it on that to steal agendas then during their turn you can fend off those HHN or breaking news shenanigans.

Armitage Codebusting - Wouldn't take it out. With all the influence your spending on everything else, the ability to run and check something then click of 6 credits and draw a card using directive really keeps the pressure on them.

Most other cards speak for themselves. Hunting grounds is very handy against ravens and kominu. Infiltration is also handy against all the mushin stuff going on at the moment we are seeing.

I have 2 plascrete but when boom drops i might make it 3 when Boom Drops, its just good to stick it down and not have to worry to much when you get a second down. your hand size goes up pretty quickly with 3 brain cage and 2 brain chips. Adam is always killable really early. But if you play half smart you can minimise that risk.

2x Paricia is very much so needed. the 0 install cost and you don't have to worry about memory in Adam. you can keep running and trashing things without getting your money that low.

Happy to hear feedback or improvements. Give it a go!

18 Sep 2016 ironblue

Beth is a stroke of genius in Adam, and if ABR is your go to breaking strategy then 2 is a good number for E3. There are a few points of the deck that I'm curious about:

-Career Fairs with only 3 optimal targets (the Daily Casts). I know Fair turns on the Safety First draw, but they seem a little underutilized here.

-Brain Cage or Public Sympathy? Sympathy can be trashed more easily, but that's what NACH is for I'd think. Usually when my sympathies get trashed I consider it a win because by that time Brain Chip is bound to have kicked in. Speaking of, where's the 3rd Chip? They're that important.

-1 Turning Wheel and 1 Kati Jones don't seem like enough to me. At least one of those should be on the table in a game you win.

-Faust and Refractor both would very much like a little datasucking to help them along, but that's far from my biggest worry. 3 Icebreakers in the deck, no Killer, no tutoring, no recursion? Not even Beth will be able to save you when the servers get their second piece of ice.

All that said though it's a great plan with a relatively solid body. Good luck testing and keep bearing the torch for Adam!

18 Sep 2016 Smattc

@ironblueCareer Fairs are good to get u just under the hand size so you draw and they always save u money. I can see your point about not being optimal. But the money balance is pivotal at the start of the game imo. Using it on a 2 cost resource is not really that big of a deal. Personal preference i guess. But i wouldn't hesitate to use career fair on Lovegood, Hunting, Kati, Wheel etc.

At the start of the game u can just lose Public Sympathy straight away. Brain Cage is much more safe. Personal preference again but in my testing i have found Cage to be all around better. Also the Brain chip 2 of is enough. They are not as important as needing 3 in your deck when you have 3 brain cage.

Turning wheel is just a bonus if you get it down you tick up accesses on HQ and then run RND for a big dig. Again if i don't see it i don't really care that much.

Datasucker wouldn't help Faust or Refractor and you don't need a killer in the deck. Also why do i need recursion? If anything i could put another Always be running in the deck. I have been a criminal player and have played a long time without recursion. Its very very hard to lose a program if you play this right.

You just don't have the influence to do all the things you want to do in your comments.

It takes practice to play the deck right and balance to much aggression that will get you killed. But it does make corps very uncomfortable and do things they don't want to do.

22 Sep 2016 Boogie

I think datasucker would pretty much be specifically for those. It gets ice down to refracted strength so you don't need stealth bucks, and allows you to save on pumping fast. You could get 2 from the fairs, and have 1 left over for another employee strike or turning wheel.

I love drug dealer in Adam, that could be a consideration as well.