Butcher of Blaviken - BABW (Manchester 18 players) - 1st

Katsushika 333

Dropped only a single game with this list, and even then all I needed was a 24/7 to seal the deal.

I played this list as a direct response to the Temujin decks, You don't need more money to kill with 24/7 - the Midseasons present another angle of attack that the runner has to respect or they will get punished. Also enables the kill through a Plascrete. Not running HHN as the deck isn't really rich enough to pull that off, better using your clicks to help set up a quick 24/7 kill.

Saw a a deck a few days ago playing Lily Lockwell in NEH kill. So had to give her a whirl! Lockwell herself was insrumental in finding the extra kill card I needed in the final. Didn't use the click ability once but it is funky with Breaking News, especially to Tutor Salem's Hospitality against IHW decks.

Flatlined every opponent except @Shanodin. Pushed out multiple agenda's through a double Raven server for the win.

I would drop the 3 Sensie Actors Union moving forward. Only fired three times throughout the day. Runners are rich enough to trash that and deal with a Hard Hitting News. Great in CTM, terrible here. Going to test two Restructures and Archangel instead.

Slotted Voter Intimidation to deal with New Angeles City Hall. It's my Silver Sword if you will ;) Didn't see anyone playing NACH on the day. Feel free to violently murder Beth/Temujin/Kati/Wyldside/Film Critics as appropriate.

Pop-up Window's were amazing vs Siphon/Vamp decks on your centrals. Sometimes you're just sat there with the kill in the hand and they're trying to buy a turn or two, also helps to land a Midseasons obviously.


Round 1 - Dumblefork (Loss)

Round 2 - Temujin Andromeda (Flatlined)

Round 3 - Khaaaaaaaan (Flatlined)

Round 4 - Valencia (Flatlined)

-Double Elimination

Round 1 - Dumblefork (Scored out)

Final - Valencia (Flatlined)

Breaking News needs nerfing some more. Probably just needs removing from the game entirely. Bring on Core Set 2.0

LOVE, Katsushika.

18 Sep 2016 MrHuds0n

Nice reference to the Witcher there.

19 Sep 2016 Dazzling

nice list and gz! what about 3xRestructure insted the sensie since it's easy to trash them? Also giving more economy for a better Midseason

21 Sep 2016 Katsushika

@Dazzling SAU has been in and out of the list recently. Tried 2x Restructure, 1x Archangel. Also been trying DBS'/PAD Campaigns.

Worth testing them all to see which you prefer. Currently pretty high on the DBS plan.