experimilk 25

2 Apr 2014 yluras

Hi, just saw this deck. Will test it out and share my thoughts!

2 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

I like where this is going, special order is good for anarch, sharpshooter is a solid add too. QT should fix most of the anarch draw problem. Cash looks good. This should be a solid deck.

25 Apr 2014 yluras

Hi, I have played this deck and i licked it very much. I just found cyberfeeders a little bit useless, as well as spinal modem (just too many traces in my meta...). I have made some maybe major changes to it, and will take it to a local torunament. Will keep you posted!

25 Apr 2014 yluras

Liked, not licked. I prefer to keep my cards dry :D