Sunny Contracts v2.0

criminallyplayed 58

My second version of Sunny Lebeau with Temujin Contracts.

I have been playing Sunny for a long time now, and she has always had two clear issues: set-up time, and deck size. However, with the printing of Temujin Contract, Sunny's Current, and the shift to more trace-heavy decks in NBN in the meta, it is finally Sunny's time to shine. Temujin in particular provides the massive credit swing needed to accelerate her into unparalleled late game dominance.

Original Decklist:

Major Changes:

-Dyson Mem Chip: With Datasuckers and Multithreaders taken out, there is no need for the extra mem.

-Jak Sinclair: Didn't really pull his weight most of the time. Originally included to help with turning wheel counters, he never seemed to be a must-include.

-Poly Op: Needed the influence, and never found that I NEEDED him even when he was out.

-The Supplier: Always found him to be much too slow. In a previous build he was the all-star of the deck, but Temujin turn one negates a lot of the need for his cost-reduction.

-Datasucker: Couldn't find the influence for it.

-Multithreader: Helpful card, but took up too much memory most of the time, and too slow a lot of the time. Plus the influence was better spent elsewhere.


-Armitage Codebusting: Great way to make a decent chunk of money in a pinch, especially if you are flat broke.

-Levy: Really needed some form of recursion in the deck. Tried deja vu for a while, but against PE and damage decks it wasn't enough. This is also a good back-up against All-Seeing I trashing all your stuff.

-Patron: Helps with the drawing issues in this deck immensely!

-Power Tap: Initially I scoffed at this card as just a gimmick, but I'm here to tell you that this is the real deal! Never a shortage of traces with Sunny, and against NBN this card is just nuts. Gives a virtual increase in link, extra drip every turn with Security Nexus, and more money off of Sunny's Current

-Same Old Thing: Works as extra Levy's, Deuces, or Currents



-Slow Decks

-NBN and Trace-heavy decks


-Low agenda decks

-NBN and Tags

-Scorched Earth-Style Flatline Decks

While she may still have some speed issues, with the addition of Temujin, it makes her a lot better able to compete with all but the fastest decks in the format! As always, I would appreciate any and all feedback!