CtM Biotic (1st Place Nordic Championship 2016)

gejben 527

I was already having CtM as very likely to be the deck I would take (even though I was playing a lot of EtF before it never really felt good enough, sadly) and had played a lot of the usual build with Bankers when @Bruno sent me a list with Biotic Labor and launch campaigns instead of the bankers. I tested it a couple of games and modified it a bit and eventually ended up taking this list.

There are a lot of game winning plays you can make in CtM with one extra click so I feel like the loss of money (bankers vs launch) is definitely worth it to get the inf for a biotic. You also then have an out against a Whizzard or Andy that totally controls your board.

The deck went 4-1 in swiss and 2-0 in the cut.