Sunny's Home Party (11th Place Nordic Championships)

binnet 298

This deck went undefeated in the six rounds of Swiss of the Nordic Championships (Nationals). Unfortunately my Corp deck went 2-4 and I missed the Top 8 cut on the tie breaker.

Resource heavy control deck with good draw from Off Campus Apartment with 19 connections, 3 x Earthrise Hotel and a single Quality time. It's key to get as many card down as fast as possible hopefully drawing out the whole deck by turn 15.

Thanks to the good economy and prevalence of trace and Bioroid ICE you can usually make runs with just security Nexus and get into many big servers. Make calculated runs on sure things with The Source controlling the corporation's outs. Fall Guys Keep the Source online and protect the vital Apartment.

Guru Davinder is quite affordable with the 6 credits per turn drip econ and great against PE that runs profiteering. You an safely check almost every remote (except Cerebral Overwriter).

In a starting hand I look for either good econ like drip econ and Off Campus Apartment.

27 Sep 2016 skewie

Well played!

I tried this deck out against the Sol-player that placed second and it performed wonderfully. :)

27 Sep 2016 rotage

Congrats on the result, with just 1/2 of each breaker and no tutors did you ever find yourself locked out of servers?

Also what changes (if any) would you change to the deck?

27 Sep 2016 gozik

wow 10-2 missed top cut.

27 Sep 2016 binnet

@goziksorry that was supposeted to be 2-4 corrcted now =) I was at 24 points, 1st to 6th place was at 27 points, 7th to 15th place was at 24 points so pretty tight cut still.

27 Sep 2016 binnet

@rotage Actually no, I always managed to find the breaker or the console in time to get in, this deck makes very few runs though so I wasnt in a hurry to find them. They always tend to show up by the time i need them and there is usually alternative ways to get though ICE, except barriers hence 2 copies of the fracter.

27 Sep 2016 adquen

So much love for this deck <3

I've been toying around with Off-Campus Sunny for a while now, and it's nice to see someone having success with it at a bigger tournament.

You're playing some interesting cards I haven't thought of (like Scrubber). I'll definitely give this list a try. Although it seems to me you're also having problems with providing the ... Access to Globalsec is a shit card, and the only reason to include is because there is no good, influence-free alternative. There is however The Helpful AI, which provides AND is a connection, but you need to find two influence somehow. I think 3x Earthrise Hotel + 3x Off-Campus Apartment apartment is absolutely necessary to get enough draw and find the apartments in time, but how often did you need the singleton Quality Time? That would at least free one influence point (of two needed).

Also, I'm always tempted to do something with all this , but without spending further influence there seems no good card for it. Singleton Overmind is just not worth the card slot. Have you tried something there?

27 Sep 2016 lilelia

@adquen One thing I've seen the memory used for (but which does still cost more inf) is Endless Hunger. Massively took me by surprise when it came out late game to try seal it, especially with all the fodder an off-campus Sunny deck will have.

27 Sep 2016 fevve

Do u feel the lack of multiacces? U have only one weel and no interface

28 Sep 2016 cassafrass

Oh hey I think you playtested against me on jinteki and I encouraged you to bring it to nats; congratulations :D sounds like it worked well for you after all!

28 Sep 2016 krh372

@lilelia Totally making a Cannibal Sunny deck now

30 Sep 2016 binnet

@lilelia That's a really cool include, will mess up the Data Folding Econ engine a a bit though haha

@fevve Thanks to the Source multi access isnt as nessasary since I can run on sure things in remotes. The turning wheel is usually good enough for late game when I can just run-jack to up the counters (jak sinclair makes this 5 counters per turn).

30 Sep 2016 fevve

How do u deal ctm? Seem like ctm is a bit too fast For this deck, and asi is a Little painfull. The surce stop bn but u have to find it very early, moreover in early game i'm always poor and i can't trash anything.