The Temujian Man

Circadia 2786


This deck is maximum Temujin abuse with a Katman shell. Patron gives you cards, Temujin gives you money. Get Da Vincis and Datasuckers early, recur DVs with Clone Chip and use them to bankroll the rest of the deck. Let one build up to install Toolbox for free and taxing servers/tracer ice become easy to crack.

Da Vinci enables you to, amongst other things:

  • only install Atman when you know what strength it needs to be
  • install a Temujin clickless on any open server to guarantee 16 easy credits
  • installing Clot or Plascrete from hand with DaVinci to screw up corp game plans
  • installing R&D interface just prior to successful access
  • bank "credits" to guard against Closed Accounts

In my experience if you get a good opening (any two of Temujin, Patron, Sucker or Da Vinci) then this deck achieves a tempo that isn't far off Andromeda. But it is much, much harder to tax out. Plus Clot, obviously.

Cyberdex giving you grief in archives? Your Patron cares not for their anti-virus suites.

Worried about Swordsman before you have a stacked Da Vinci for Femme? Sac Construct is your friend (and a major headache for CI and FA decks)

Deck name was suggested by Vapo, who is testing a version with -1 Strike -1 Clone -1 Femme, and +1 Parasite, +1 Levy and +1 SMC. That may be correct but I'm not ready to give up my surprise Femme just yet.

30 Sep 2016 rojazu

1010/1010 nice deck.

whats your plan vs shutdown boom boom?

30 Sep 2016 Circadia

There's a few options to slow it down. If you get Clot before they get BN, you just Clot everything that gets advanced. If they have the combo ready to go, you can Councilman Jackson and trash him so they have to find another (you can even use Da Vinci to install Councilman as they install the remote which might surprise them and buy you a few turns). Plascrete increases the cost of the combo to 10 credits which gives you windows.

30 Sep 2016 RubbishyUsername

That Datasucker makes me really uncomfortable.

30 Sep 2016 J-Flex

With DaVinci being a nonbo with Kate do you get enough triggers to make it worthwhile? I trust your judgement but any good in Hayley?

30 Sep 2016 FarCryFromHuman

@J-Flex I don't think Kate's ability is incompatible with DaVinci? Was there a ruling somewhere? Kate reduces the install cost of the first program or hardware you install each turn, and DaVinci keys off the install cost (not printed install cost) of its target card. Seems like they would work fine together?

30 Sep 2016 Circadia

DaVinci doesn't work with Kate, Lukas confirmed as much. But you still are never using DaVinci to install Datasucker or Clone Chip, so you generally save 6-9 credits during a game and more if you hard install any of the bigger stuff. It might work in Hayley but a lot of the cards are only installed at specific moments - unlike most Hayley decks where the vast majority of the deck can be installed at any time and still be useful (Fan Sites, Tech Writers and cheap programs). Temujin you only want to install when you can get into a server, Atman you only want to install when you know what str you need etc. I think in Hayley there'd be a lot of moments where you could trigger her ability, but you don't want to because it doesn't help you. Kate is always helpful.

30 Sep 2016 FarCryFromHuman

@Circadia You are correct, I just found this in the FAQ:

Can a Runner playing as Kate “Mac” McCaffrey use a DaVinci with 1 power counter on it to install a 2-cost card like Clot?

No. DaVinci’s ability looks at the install cost of the card while it is in the Runner’s grip, before it is installed by triggering the trash ability.

30 Sep 2016 Bamser

So wild to see a Kate deck without Self Modifying Code! I guess that this works because you are drawing so much and have Da Vincci for the instant installs. Any way to squeeze in a Levy?

2 Oct 2016 shanodin

I love Da Vinci- one of my face shaper cards for sure :)

2 Oct 2016 ANRguybrush

On a side note, does anyone else struggle to build decks without Temüjin lately? Every decent deck is either playing Temüjin or Account Siphon.

No hate though. I always like the tempo of run-based economy, it's fun to play and very interactive.

8 Oct 2016 Exo

I played this deck a couple of time by now and I have to say, it's a incredible strong and fun deck to play. I thought at first that I wouldn't get as much result as the previous, more standard Kate that I played but it's actually the contrary. 10/10.