Its all about the Tech

Thrawnic 76

Have you ever wanted to Draw 5 cards, Make 6 Credits, look at the top card of RnD at the beginning of your Turn all without Spending a Click?

Good news fellow Criminals now you can.

Seriously though, i doubt im the first one to see the potential here but i think this is as close to perfection of the form that im going to get on my own.

I made this deck to abuse Bazaar and Replicator as much as i can. It has the draw power to set up fast, the Clickless Econ to gain a mid run advantage, and The ability to thin the deck out insanely fast leaving you nothing but the good stuff to come. Spy Camera lets you get the pieces you need early and if you happen to have Bazaar and Replicator out already Security Chip Spy Camera and Cortez Chip all become multiple installs for free.

Ive tested it with amazingly good results both on the net and playing locally. Does anybody have suggestions for edits or improvements?

4 Oct 2016 ironblue

I love it, and agree that it's about as sparing as it's possible to get. I've found in playing Replizaar Geist (and other Geists besides) that the set up time can be interminable if you can't find Traders early. Running and breaking early is harrowing, but it may be the only economical way for you to dig further into your deck and make the money to keep HHN at bay, Forgers be damned. Hostage is a rough price to pay for a Tech Trader, but it might be worth it to start making credits back at the beginning of the game rather than the middle.

I would take another look at gamble, which you might struggle to keep the credits for, and Golden, which MIGHT serve you better as a Mongoose with a few Crescentus friends. Emphasis on might.

Other than that, an SOT might be called for to save your crucial Levy (and snag that kickback money besides).

Good luck with it, and keep the 6 card install dream alive!

4 Oct 2016 saferwaters

-3 Gamble, +2 Hostage. +1 SoT This helps you find your econ (tech traders) far more reliably. Gamble is a great card and all but really your kinda just a combo deck and you want to be sure you find your combo pieces. SoT is for the Levy insurance.

Drop Paperclip for Corroder IMO. 2 extra install cost is pretty huge and you have a lot of disposable breakers. In fact, I think you should go down to 2 of each disposable breaker as well.

So you now have 3 extra deck slots and an influence to increase consistency and get some cards for weak match ups. (I recommend an Employee Strike and another Fall Guy).

I went a different direction but here's my Giest list:

5 Oct 2016 sruman

Feels like the extra replicator worth Peacock for Zu given how crucial it is to the replicator/bazaar/spy-cam combo.

5 Oct 2016 Damien Stark

It's satisfying to empty a Tech Writer with 50 credits on him, but like ironblue above I found the slow setup time is your biggest problem. Big Tech Writers are mostly "win more" if you lucked into setting up before the corp wins.

I cut all Tech Writers for Temujin Contracts, as they help get you the money quickly to install your setup. Once you're setup, the Tech Traders should be enough to keep your econ rolling, or you can stick a Temujin on HQ or R&D.

I also cut Zu and spent the influence on the third Replicator. The deck lives and dies on how fast you can get setup, so need to be certain you see Replicator and Bazaar early. Don't forget to pull your extra Reps out to thin the remaining deck.

Hostages aren't a bad suggestion, faster Tech Writers is key. I like the Security and Cortez Chips, that seems a good touch. I tried mine with Autoscripter - install a B&E breaker every turn without spending a click. Again, setup speed setup speed setup speed.