Inkjet Kate

Pinkwarrior 2278

Starting life as an Exile: Streethawk deck the deck was built to set up a big rig fast and has proven to be very successful. However even with all the Draw I wasn't getting much use out of Exiles ability maybe 2-3 per game or with Clone Chip left as a way to keep me alive.

I get abit more use out of Kate and the decks still as effective. The decks built with Opus econ so you don't have to fear tags and Infinite money plus Beth Kilrain-Chang can really help you catch up on the corp. Then a whole host of draw power to get you set up fast. Inject is really the star of the draw giving alot of cards and only dumping the programs. then just pick up what you need from your heap with Clone Chip

Test Run also picks up but can be used for search & with Scavenge for the Torch. Which is doing alot of work, Codegates seem to be getting very big lately and we can't all have D4v1d's and if Escalation is anything to go by theirs going to be more of them around.

Dyson Mem Chip is very much seen as my second console with this down i can get a full rig set up plus GS Shrike M2 and if it looks like I need the link i'll happily install a second but usually one's enough.

Other than that the decks just plain old good stuff.

8 Nov 2016 Scoogsy

@Pinkwarrior I've run with this deck, and I have to say its quite fun. However, I find I can set my rig up very quickly, because half the deck runs insane card draw. Once I've got my Magnum Opus (mulligan if its not in my opening hand) GS Shrike M2;Cerberus "Lady" H1; and Torch setup (Test Run to Scavange combo), I essentially ignore the rest of the deck. I find towards the mid-late game, it would be nice to have some more econ - so perhaps some Daily Casts instead of Diesel or Quality Time? Either way, solid deck :-)

8 Nov 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Scoogsy Good to hear your enjoying the deck. I do find that I am the same get set-up fast then I tend to Ignore the rest of the deck less i draw into something like The Maker's Eye.

Am not too sure id want to take out draw however as that is what makes it set up so fast consistently however I do find i don't actually use the Levy AR Lab Access & Same Old Thing so I would try swapping them out first for more econ if that's what you'd prefer. The Levy is just abit of a safety net I initially put in thinking with all the draw I may burn my deck to death but I feel it's not really needed tbh.